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The following is a fictional story based on a true story. The main character’s identity has been changed and pictures altered to protect his privacy.

Handknitted Socks

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Pressed into service at a young age, Crew was a tight-knit fellow. He had always wondered about his first job. He and the “crew guys” were very close; in fact they were never apart in their young days. Suddenly relocated, they left the wrappings of their youth and embraced their exciting future.

Crew’s first day of work had finally arrived. Paired with his best friend Crew Two, Crew felt the sudden pressure of being stretched like never before. He knew he was made for this, but the stretching was such a different sensation. Then when he was feeling ok and fully conformed to his master, it began. The day full of pounding, no one had told him about the smashing of every fiber of his being. He hadn’t been warned about the sharp nails slowly cutting through his head.

The end of his first day finally came.  Removed from his master he felt his original shape coming back. He was a little dirty and stinky, but feeling pretty good. Put with other dirty clothes he relaxed because the pounding and stretching were over. A few days later he was sorted into a pile and thrown into a big machine. Suddenly there was water and soap sloshing around him and the other laundry. Wet and cold, he was taken from that machine and put into another. He tumbled around aimlessly until he became very warm and dried out. Feeling almost as good as when he was first made, he was paired with another of the “crew guys” and put into the quiet sleeping spot.

The cycle started all over again with the stretching and wearing on his fibers. Week after week the routine was the same. Then he noticed a thinning in his head. He had heard about this from others. He was about to go through the change. A few weeks later, when he was coming out of the wash he was put to the side while the rest of the “crew guys” were put away in the sleeping spot.

Fear and panic raced through his fibers. Is this the end?  Is my usefulness over? Am I to be thrown away? He had heard that the change was the end for socks. Scared and confused he was carried into a sewing room, where he was sewn together and given eyes, a nose and a mouth. He was changing into something wonderful, a sock puppet. His life was not over, it was just beginning. Now there was no more pounding, just some slight stretching and a lot of laughter. Crew was a new creation. He had a new life and new purpose in his old shape.

sock puppet

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We experience a lot of stretching and pounding in our lives, just like Crew. Then we get with others who are in the same dirty state. Through the Word of God, together we experience the wash and dry cycle of repentance and forgiveness, which leave us clean and ready to start over. This cycle repeats for years and years, until we can start to feel worn out, broken down and used up. That is when God will mend us and give us a new purpose.

We aren’t meant to be thrown away, we are meant to Glorify God. So when you are ready, when you feel worn out reach out to the One who can mend you and change your life for His glory. I pray that you enjoy your week and that you find your new purpose. I’ll be back next week with more.


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