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Keep on Laughing

Learning how to laugh at yourself is very important. So this week I am going to share a couple of my funny stories.

A few years ago I was getting myself ready for work. I had gotten up early had my prayer time and finished my exercises, now it was time to dress and make myself look good (this can be a challenge even on a good day).  I looked at my clock and noticed that I needed to leave the house in about 15 minutes. Everything was going according to plan. I was still a little sleepy and having trouble focusing. Standing in front of the mirror I grabbed my frizz cream and put it in my hair. Something didn’t seem quite right, there was a familiar smell that I shouldn’t be smelling. Then I felt the burn on my scalp. OH NO! I had put the Thera-Gesic in my hair instead of my frizz cream. Who would leave that sitting out on the counter? There was no choice; I had to wash my hair now. I remember thinking, “this is going to be a funny story some day” as I giggled to myself.  Amazingly enough, I got my hair washed and made it to work on time and the muscles on my head felt really good all day. (Are there even muscles on the head?) From that day on the Thera-Gesic has never been allowed on the counter top. You see I learn from the burn.


Fliegenfänger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok here is another funny story. Have you ever tried to use one of those fly ribbons, you know the gross ones that hang around and catch flies on them. We have had our house open using screens and fans to avoid the air conditioner as much as possible and we got flies. So on this morning, they really got to me and I decided to try to use one of the fly ribbons. Normally I make my husband do this type of stuff, but he is working. So I get the box, pull out the ribbon and try to read the instructions. The print is so small I have to get my glasses (no surprise here). I put on my glasses—still can’t read the microscopic print. So I walk into the brightest lit room, stand back and try to read again. Finally I think I know how to do this.

I remove the top with the thumb tack and pull on the sticky ribbon, but it comes out all coiled up and sticking to itself, then the cover falls off and I have a mess of sticky–gooey ribbon in my hands.  I think–ok I can do this, just untwist it. Now my fingers a full of sticky stuff and it doesn’t want to untwist. I tried to stick the thumb tack into the board above the window but the board was too hard and the thumb tack bent over. Then I look and the flies are congregating–just watching me as I am the one stuck in the fly paper. So I decided this ribbon was going to catch flies no matter what. I begin to swing the sticky gooey ribbon at the flies. Now I have sticky stuff on me and on the window but I did catch some flies before I threw the ribbon in the waste basket. I went to the garage and got the fly swatter —–die flies die. This just proves that no matter how sticky the situation is you can still accomplish your goal. HA HA HA!!!

Spend this week laughing; it really is the best medicine. Enjoy your laughter; I’ll be back next week.

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