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For Christmas

IMG_2649As I come into the Christmas season I wonder what I really want for Christmas. I remember last year talking about how difficult a time I have with making a list of wanted items. This year I have family coming to spend the holidays at my house. This is a little different and it changes the perspective of what I need to do. Today I spent a few hours working on making some cookies for family and for friends. I also spent the weekend with a wonderful little grandson whose parents were busy all weekend. My husband and I love watching the grand kids. Sometimes it seems easier to take care of them than it was to take care of our children. I remember the birth of all three of our children and how wonderful and challenging each one was.

That makes me think of Joseph and Mary when Jesus was born. I imagine they just wanted to have a quiet birth of their first child. I imagine they did not want to travel to Nazareth and give birth in a stable. I imagine they never thought that angels would announce the birth of their son and shepherds wouldn’t really care and wise men from the east wouldn’t show up on their door steps. I bet growing up they never thought that they would be so closely directed by God in how they were to raise their son and where to live. They never expected it but I am glad they followed what God asked. I am glad they listened and obeyed.

I am happy and blessed being a part of Christianity. Without Jesus the Christ, I would spend my life wandering aimlessly and never amounting to anything eternal.  But God gave me the opportunity to share Jesus with everyone around me and make a difference in this world that will last for eternity. I consider that opportunity the best present ever that I can share it as often as I like.

Give yourself and others a present by sharing your faith this Christmas season. I will be back next week with more.


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