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Grass Roots

grass roots

Have you ever tried to pull grass out of your garden? Some grass can be easy to pull but some is deeply rooted and impossible to pull with your hands only.  Yesterday I managed to get my lawn chair close enough to our garden to be able to help my husband pull some grass. I am still being very cautious since surgery and trying to not hurt myself while I heal. The grass I could reach was deeply rooted and sends out runners which made it very hard to pull with bare hands. Needless to say I had a difficult time and could not get all the roots. I know some of this grass will come back.

This experience made me think about “grassroots” efforts and how strong they can be. I understand now the reference to grassroots as something that is very fundamental and strong. Grass does not have a hierarchy it is basic and down to earth, literally. 🙂

The early church was a grassroots effort. And it is still going strong today.  Jesus even spoke of roots in Matthew 13 where He tells us the parable of the sower. In His explanation He talks about the seed from rocky places that is easily uprooted because it has no strong root. And then there is a seed in good soil that gets good roots and cannot be pulled out and it bears fruit.

I strive to be like that strong rooted grass, not giving up what I believe in and bearing fruit. I know to do that I need to never compromise or back down when it comes to my faith. God planted me in the good soil of His word I can take those nutrients and thrive while I let my roots grow deep in Him.

Keep your roots growing strong in God. And since it is the Memorial Day weekend won’t you also join me in remembering those who stood strong and gave their lives for our country so we could have the freedom to grow in our faith. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


What is a Weed?

IMG_0665Have you ever had weeds in your lawn and gone to the store to get something to kill or remove them? You go down the aisles and find that there are many dangerous chemicals that can promise those weeds will never come back.  You might read the labels and chose the one that seems like it has the most potent effect on the problem or the one that seems it has the most natural ingredients.

In your mind you believe the weed to be the problem and you seek a solution. Did you know the weed may not be the problem? The problem could be that the soil is missing something. That so called “weed” could be God’s solution to the weakness in the soil. Our wonderful, all knowing God had a plan for sick soil. He caused certain plants to grow when the soil is missing something to replenish and heal it. However when we kill some of the plants that seem to be weeds we destroy the life giving healing that God set out for the ground.

So you see, a weed is in the eye of the beholder. Some so-called weeds have pretty flowers and some are prickly and cause pain, but they all have a purpose or God would not have created them. On a spiritual level we see weeds growing in our lives and maybe we spew poison on them trying to kill them off. We may try to hide them from others by suppressing them but they are still there. Until we take a deeper look to see what is causing this weed to grow we will not be able to remove them from our lives.

What could a weed be in my life? It could be suppressed anger or disappointment or many other things. No matter what the weed is if we don’t try to figure out where it started and learn what we are missing that caused it to grow we will never be healed. The weed can turn into a blessing, because it is a cry for help but left unchecked it can cause more problems.

For example maybe the weed grows when there is pride. A proud person does not want to be seen with a weed. It causes embarrassment of not being perfect which smacks pride in the face if the weed is allowed to be seen by the people around us. It causes humility, which softens our hearts and can cause us to grow into a more compassionate person.  A real problem happens if the proud person hides the weed, which only causes the weed to grow bigger and bigger until it becomes a major embarrassment.

So next time you see a weed, don’t look at the weed, look deeper and try to figure out what caused it. Have compassion and mercy on people whose weeds are showing. Help them work through and grow and learn from the experience. I hope you enjoy the coming week and praise God for the weeds that help us heal and grow.

Golden Nuggets

fish hook cornMy husband took me fishing this morning. It was great to relax and pray around the lake. The lake had a lot of grass and moss around the edge, so it made it a little difficult. The picture that I want to share with you is one of the bait. I was using corn and the first time I pulled my line in the corn was completely covered with moss. Then I thought about how corn works. I believe that the color and maybe the flavor of the corn attract the fish.

Corn is golden-yellow and shows up great. Then my thoughts went to my week. I realized that God had put some beautiful golden nuggets into my life but I allowed the weeds of worry to cover them up. When I took the moss and grass off of the corn and added more corn to the hook I realized that the more corn there was the more attracted the fish would be to the hook.

This is also true in our lives. The more of what God has deposited into us that shows through the rough exterior of weeds from worry the more we reflect His love. When I threw the line back into the lake, I suddenly got some bites. I did not catch any fish this morning. My whole purpose of going was to relax and seek God from the side of the lake. I accomplished my goal.

I enjoyed my morning in nature seeking God. How was your Sunday?

Weeds or Glory Reflectors?

As I walked my neighborhood this week I noticed some flowers growing in yards and fields.  When I came out later and looked at them again I realized they had moved with the sun. They faced East as the sun came up then they followed the sun through its trip across the sky. As Christians we are like the flowers following Jesus (the light of the world) every moment of the day.

Some people call these flowers weeds, but as I watched their dance with the sun I understood that they are God’s creation made to bring Him Glory. Christians are sometimes treated like weeds that the world wants to remove or mow down. But there is beauty inside of us that reflects God’s glory to the world. The key to this glory reflecting is keeping your eyes on God. These flowers wake early in the morning and spend their whole day following the sun. When the clouds get in their way they still look up expecting rain to refresh them.  We can learn a lot from the simple movements of a flower in bloom.

But what happens when the flower quits looking good and goes to seed. The wind blows and all the seeds scatter. It looks like life is over, but then next year we see more flowers than last year. It is the same with us. We seem to lose our beauty and that is when the wonder of God is working behind the scenes. Suddenly the wind of the Holy Spirit blows and all the seeds scatter. Sometimes our circumstances seem to pluck us out of the ground and the movement releases our seeds and the wind directs them so they may land and produce more flowers. Our life has been spent but not in vain.  God will get the glory for all the plants that bloom the next year. And there will be people who will be upset to see more flowers in their yard and they will try to poison them, mow them, dig them out and remove them from their sight. But the flowers will come back again.

Jesus and His church will never go away no matter how much some wish we would. We are planted and multiplying. We bloom and show God’s glory. As others watch they will see where we are looking, turn and look too. When they do we will introduce them to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and take them into His light and life.

Let God’s light shine in your life this week so His glory will be known to the world.  I’ll be back next week with more.

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