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Blessed with Garden Beauty

garden beauty

I feel so blessed today. I was able to walk outside into my garden and see all the wonders that have grown up. I have been unable to get to the garden much since surgery and today since I am without the cast or boot I was able to walk and see for myself without fear of falling on uneven ground due to rocks.

My first stop was the compost pile that has a very prolific spaghetti squash blooming and producing large and small squash. As you can see from the pictures of the flowers I was able to catch a bee actively working in the middle of one of them. There is also a weed that this intertwined with a beautiful white flower on it.

Next I looked and was amazed by the size of okra and the two beautiful flowers that you see above. I loved the one that shows down in the center of the flower. Right next to the okra are pepper plants and you can see one nice looking green one in the picture.  Then I turned my attention to the back of the garden where Bob has built a teepee pole thing for the beans. The beans grew so tall that he had to put more boards across toward the fence to keep them off the ground.

I left the garden and headed over to the other side of the yard where Bob planted the yellow squash. And as you can see I found a ripe one, a little small but edible none the less. We also have tomatoes but my picture did not come out so good so I left it off.

It amazes me how small things like the fruit from a garden can make me feel so blessed and loved by God. I am blessed to have a husband who has taken care of this garden mostly by himself because I have been unable to help and blessed to have a God who cares enough to help the plants like the spaghetti squash show up without being planted.

I am on the road to recovery from surgery. Slowly getting back to walking and hopefully my endurance will increase over a short period of time so I can do things that used to be normal for me soon. I forgot what my old normal was but I am about to know what my new normal will be. And for that I am excited.

Enjoy everything around you, notice the things you have missed and be thankful. I will be back next week with more.


I am thankful that:

god-is-in-controlI am thankful that:

  • God is in control
  • I have a have a wonderful family with great children and their spouses
  • I have six wonderful grandchildren
  • I have an awesome husband and best friend who keeps me in line…OR HE TRIES TO AND STILL LOVES ME!!!!
  • I have a job with a steady paycheck and can pay my bills
  • I am generally healthy
  • I have enough to give to others in need
  • I am blessed to be able to work out my salvation with fear and trembling
  • I serve an awesome God
  • The OSU and Dallas Cowboys are winning this season
  • The election is over and we can try to get back to some sort of normality
  • I have people who read this blog and are encouraged by it

In the spirit of thanksgiving make sure you take some time to thank God for all He has given to you and done for you this year.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving here is my thankful list:

I am thankful for:

  •  Salvation
  •  My husband Bob who is always there for me, in good times and in bad until death do we part.
  •  My children and their spouses who make life more exciting to live.
  •  My son and son-in-law who serve in the military. (Happy Veterans Day!)
  •  My grandchildren who bring hope for the future and are just plain fun.
  •  My extended family and family-in-laws who get to share the love of our children.
  •  My grand-dogs who provide barks, whines and whimpers that let us know we are needed.

    Grand-dog NEMO!

  •  My home—which I thought I might lose last year but through the grace of God and help we were able to keep.
  •  My job that brings in income so that we can keep our home. And allows me to help others on a daily basis.
  •  The North Texas Food Bank—which provided food when we had none.
  •  Friends and relatives who provided necessities in our time of need.

If you have never been in need you probably will not be as grateful for what you have as someone who has felt real need. Reach out to someone and share your good fortune so they may feel God’s love through your hand.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.

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