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james 4 14 vaporJames 4:14 (NASB)

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

There are two ways to take this verse. You can say “I am a vapor and I will be gone soon so what does it matter what I do?” Or you can take it as the challenge it is and realize that your life on this earth is short in the overall span of time and try to make the biggest impact on this world possible while you are here.

Jesus, in his ministry of just over 3 years made a lasting impact on our society. Now I know you will say that you are not Jesus, but why can’t you leave a lasting impression? I hope that I have lived my life in such a way that anyone who comes to know me has remembered our encounter. I admit that I am not “normal” in my words or actions. I am a unique person as all of us are, who has been shaped by those around me.

We are all influenced by those who surround us and we influence them. Our friends and relatives are influenced by our actions and words and their contributions to our lives help make us who we are. Others who are passing acquaintances can also influence us. Not everyone we know or encounter will make a large impact in this short life. So what will?

God’s Word is something more powerful and moving that can influence a destiny.  And if you are trying to make the most of this life then it makes sense that you will use the most powerful tool and resource you can. His Word can change your opinions and attitudes in an instant. It can bring insight and understanding without condemnation. As for me God’s Word has shaped my view of the world. I try to take everything that happens in this life and filter it through the Word of God to understand it.

The older I get the better my understanding becomes of how short this vapor of life that God has given us is. I want to make the most of this time. Will you join me in using God’s Word to impact the world? Enjoy your week and remember that life is just a vapor, so live it to the fullest. I will be back next week with more.


Ants and God’s Word

antThere are amazing creatures that live under our feet every day that we never notice. I was sitting in my front yard enjoying the weather and I looked down at the grass. It was alive with ants and bugs. I saw one particular area that had constant movement of ants going up and down. It is fascinating how God created such small beings and that they have their part in maintaining this life that we have. A quick search on the internet showed me that ants take care of other insects, spread some seeds, cultivate the soil and are food.

Usually the only time I notice ants is when they bite me and then I am ready to do whatever it takes to remove them. During Easter some of my grandchildren hunted Easter eggs in my front lawn. We soon realized that we would have to check every plastic egg for little black ants because they had infiltrated the eggs through the small holes in the short time between them being placed in the yard and the children finding them.

They are a nuisance but I am not going to put a lot of chemicals on my front lawn to kill them off. They also deserve a place to live but maybe not in my front yard. I want to find natural solutions to this problem. And once again the internet does provide several suggestions. I am amazed how much information is on the internet for easy access to help with just about any problem.

I am also amazed that when I have a problem or need encouragement there is a place that I can go to understand how to solve the problem or get my encouragement. I am not talking about the internet now but rather the Word of God. Inside the pages of those 66 books lies all that anyone would ever need to live a fulfilling life. And yet so many people do not take advantage of this wonderful life giving item that God has given us. That makes me sad because I know that God’s Word brings life and life abundantly.

The ants may scramble around in my front yard until I find a way to remove them but I will do all I can to keep the Word of God circulating through my mind. I pray that I never reach the point where His word has left my mind, because on that day life will not be worth living.

We may not enjoy the pests in our lawn but we can enjoy our week and the Word of God. I will be back next week with more.

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