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Cultivate Relationships

cultivating relationships

Sorry I did not post last week. Two of my grandsons were over on Saturday for a while and then on Sunday afternoon just as I was sitting down to write this blog Chris, my middle son showed up for a surprise visit. It was wonderful to have him show up out of the blue and a bit surprising because he lives at least a ten hour drive away from us. He was on his way somewhere else and dropped off to see us on the way.

Bob and I had great visits with family last weekend. It is wonderful to have family come by. This weekend my two youngest grandsons got to spend the night on Friday. That was fun. Life gets so hectic you have to just take time to enjoy family when the opportunity arises. I am trying to learn how to relax and take every opportunity that comes my way with family. Life is too short to miss golden opportunities that only come once.

I am growing in my understanding of how important it is to cultivate relationships with God, family and friends in order to have a well rounded life and mindset. Just like in gardening you need to cultivate the ground and add the nutrients and water needed to help the plants grow, we must also take time to cultivate our relationships by adding time, compliments, fun and other stuff to build them strong. Remember life is all about how we relate to each other. Join me this week in fine tuning relationships in a positive manner.

On this father’s day I would like to recognize a special man who I have watched over the years grow into an awesome dad, my husband Bob. The caring in his heart for his children and grandchildren helps me to understand how blessed I am to have spent so many years married to him. Happy Father’s Day Mr. Bob, I love you.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

American flagWith all the tragic events happening in our world I began to think about what is important.  Our declaration of Independence states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

In my mind and heart if any of these rights or taken away then we no longer live in the nation our founding Fathers envisioned. The line that stands out to me as the most important is “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator”  

Life is given to us by God so we should respect all lives. Though if some people believe that taking human lives is their lot in life and act on that belief then because of their actions they should lose their right to life. 

Liberty is given to us by God in the form of a free will. We can do what we want. However if doing what we want takes away the life and liberty of others, then this liberty should be removed from those who committed such crimes. This does not mean that everyone’s liberty should be removed because of the actions of a few, but rather those who transgress lose their liberty.

True happiness does not come from things or people, it comes from God. If you are seeking true happiness from any other source you will never find it. 

Therefore, as I see it, our Declaration of Independence states very beautifully that we all have the right to live with the free will that God gave us and pursue God to find eternal happiness.

Trust in our Creator, seek His face and enjoy your week. I will be back next week with more.



God is Always There, Wherever You Are

sunriseThis is a beautiful sunrise I was able to capture on my way to physical therapy one morning. Isn’t it amazing that I went on vacation to the beach and tried to capture a sunrise but was unable to do it, but when I am driving to therapy one morning the beautiful sunrise blinds me as I drive.

In one scenario I would have welcomed the beauty and been excited to just enjoy the richness of the moment, but in another scenario I had to put my visor down and my sunglasses on and squint my eyes away from the sun to keep a focus on the road and traffic. I felt so lucky that I could just raise my phone up and take a shot of it, not actually knowing what I would get. It seemed to turn out well.

The beauty of what I saw that morning reminded me that God is everywhere. We don’t have to go away to reach Him. We just have to make time to enrich our lives with His presence.

On Friday at work I was scheduled to take a 2 hour 107 question test to get a certification that I need. I had not reviewed the information for quite a while but was given a day at work to review it and then I took the large binders of information home in the evening and reviewed some more information. I asked for prayer from my Facebook friends and I am sure many were praying for me. In the morning instead of cramming more review into my head I opened the Pandora app on my phone and listened to worship music. I walked Nemo, my dog, while praising God. I unloaded the dishwasher and made my lunch and just relaxed in the wonderful presence of God. Then when I settled in to take the test at work I was somewhat relaxed and able to let the information I knew come out. I passed the test with a 93%.

I do not tell this story to brag on myself but to brag on God. He always shows up and helps when it is needed. He always makes sure that there are people praying when prayer is needed. This has been my experience in life and I hope that you will look at your life and see that it has been yours too.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.



God is faithful in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health and the good news is that we do not depart from Him when we die.  As I began writing this I realized that it is just like the marriage vows that I took 36 years ago.  We said that we would love, honor and cherish each other in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, for better or for worse until death do we part. (I might not have gotten the order right but you get the picture.) The time that we have been married has flown by and we are more in love today than when we married.

We raised three children who, like all children, challenged us at times. But more often than not they gave us joy and are still bringing happiness into our lives through what they do and through our grandchildren. Last night I was reminded of those days when we took care of two of the grandchildren. One had a fever and the other one is teething. I remembered those very short nights but the satisfaction that I was able to comfort a baby in need made it worthwhile. I was also reminded once again that I am no longer in my twenties and probably would struggle a bit with night after night of that. Thank God the fever broke and there was only one incident of throwing up.

God equips us with what we need when we need it. Last night God allowed me to be the comfort for a sick toddler and a teething baby. I thank God for those moments because they allow me to build a better relationship with family and to let the love of God shine through. I am blessed and a little tired but feeling wonderful about life.

My daughter believes that she has to apologize for the children being sick, but I tell her it is part of life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Children are children and I expect they will always present challenges but I love them and God loves them and that is all there is to it. I am blessed to have children that have such caring hearts and loving souls.

Remember to enjoy your family while they are near and know that God will give you the strength to deal with anything that comes your way. God is faithful in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.

New Start

new start 4 x 4

Let God’s Glory Be Our Direction

IMG_2759Waking up late after a long night of tossing a turning I decide to skip my morning exercises to have enough time to get ready for my day. As I was checking emails I had one from my bank stating that my account login had been disabled because someone tried to get into the account three times unsuccessfully. I immediately contacted my husband who confirmed that he had not tried to go into the account. Now it was a rush to change my password and then change my username to keep my account secure. This took around a half hour from my day and caused me to leave home a little late for work.  As I walked out of my office I realized that I was supposed to call the veterinarian to get Nemo an appointment, but this would have to wait until I got to work now.

I ran out to my car after making sure the home was locked up and sat down.  Immediately I realized that I had not filled my water bottle and taken a daily pill. I locked the car back up and ran in filled the water and took the pill. I said good-bye once again to Nemo and went back to the car. I closed the garage door, started the engine and put the car in gear and realized I had not changed from my walking shoes to my work shoes. Once again I opened the garage door, got out of the car, locked the door, ran back into the house and changed shoes. Now it was getting late and I really had to go to be at work on time. I got in the car, closed the garage door and successfully left for work. As I was on the road I realized I had not taken my vitamin drink with me and not checked the map to see what route to take.  There was no turning back and no correcting this, I just went on to work hoping I would make it there in time. I managed through the grace of God to make it and not be late. But I was a bit stressed by the time I started my work day. That is not the best way to start a day.

In a perfect world I would never be distracted and never forget steps and never make wrong decisions. I would be perfect and from that perfection God would get glory. But I am not perfect. Does that mean the God can never get glory from my life? No. In fact the more imperfect I am the more potential glory God can get. It is not about doing everything right all the time, it is about learning from what we do wrong.  What we do with our failures is what can give God glory or take it away. As a representative of God on this earth we can fail miserably or fail and recover gracefully.

A graceful recovery would be to learn from mistakes. My mistake was allowing a distraction to interrupt my routine enough to forget steps. Distractions will happen but we must be prepared to fit their fixes into our routine or we will fail. It is calculating our timing and our focus so distractions do not distract us from our goal. My main goal of reaching work on time dressed properly, prepared and relaxed were interupted by some side goals of fixing the banking issue and setting the appointment for Nemo. I did these but not without carrying over the stress from the mornings distractions that caused me to fail to think through what needed to be done to successfully get to work without stress. God gets glory when I arrive at work on time and not let stresses affect my performance.

Nobody is perfect, but what we do with our imperfections says a lot about us. Enjoy your week and try to turn your imperfections and failures into glory for God. Let God’s glory be your direction.

Riding with God in Control

IMG_2757We live in a double world. It is physical and spiritual.

Here is an example of a purely physical situation. In the morning as I approach my car I push the unlock button on my car key, immediately some of the lights come on and the door unlocks. Opening the door and I get into the driver’s seat. Putting down my items I focus starting the car. Pushing the key into the ignition and turning it the car roars to life. On the dash lights start flashing reminding me that I do not have my seat belt on and that there is an air bag in front of me. As I latch the seat belt the warning lights go off.  I check the mirrors and radio and prepare to take the car out of park to start my journey. Once the car is in drive I look both ways and slowly creep out of the driveway making sure no-one is coming beyond the fence and move forward. The rest of the trip is a matter of paying attention to where I am going and what I am doing to stay out of potential accidents and make it to my destination without harm.

Now here is an example of the spiritual world. As I arise most mornings I turn on the light, grab my glasses and my bible and begin to read. With my daily reading completed I begin prayer time. As I go along with my daily physical routine the Spirit of God directs me. Physically I know where to go and what to do but spiritually  God directs me into places I did not know I would be for reasons of which I was unaware of but I went. One day not too long ago I was following my daily routine and someone in my path said to me “I prayed this morning that God would send someone to show me what to do and I want to thank you for helping me.” Just like my car does what it should do but can’t accomplish it without a driver so I can’t accomplish spiritual things without God’s direction.  

I am a spirit that lives in a body. Before I accepted God’s salvation I was like that car without a driver, going nowhere fast. God’s Spirit living inside of me started directing my steps and helping me get where I needed to go. Before I had no idea where I even wanted to go and with God I have direction and a heavenly destination. Whether the ride is rough and testing or fast and exhilarating, as long and God is the driver and His glory is the direction those bumps in the road don’t matter. My main goal is to allow God to drive my life, to direct and correct me so that I can bring Him glory.

Enjoy the ride this week and I will be back next week with more.

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