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Don’t Ignore the Signs

IMG_1740Every day, all around us there are signs of things going wrong. How many of us ignore the signs that something has gone wrong, hoping the problem will fix itself? I know that I have. Take for example, this flower that my daughter gave me this year. It looked gorgeous and Bob hung it outside where I could see it from my seat in the living room. One day 2 weeks ago I looked out and it looked like this. IMG_1739

This is definitely a sign that there is something wrong. I admit I might have ignored it for a while thinking Bob would fix it. Then without any understanding of what had gone wrong I tried to fix this with water, but it did not help.  Bob also tried to fix it to no avail. However today after doing a little research I found out that it might have a fungus from the humid weather we have been having. So even though the label says it can take the heat, it cannot take a fungal infection.

My husband and I usually notice things and try our best to take care of what is within our wheelhouse to do. But there are things that are so much bigger than us that we have no idea what to do to fix them. An example is when I look around at the people in the news; I wonder what went wrong to shape the thinking that they have. And why is our news filled with so many people who ignore the obvious to entertain the ridiculous? It seems the ridiculous has become the norm and you better not call it what it is.

I know from personal experience that most of the people I encounter have some sort of common sense and understand that you cannot ignore what is obviously wrong and call it right. I will take a TV show for example “Orange is the new Black”, I honestly had no idea what that meant until I looked it up today. To me orange is orange and black is black. Dogs are dogs and cats are cats, a frog is not a polar bear and a giraffe is not a snake. Deception is not good.  It may sound funny for a while and it may be entertaining but it is not reality. The fact that many people have begun to believe these deceptions is a sign of how dark our society has become.

Malachi 2:17

You have wearied the Lord with your words. Yet you say, “How have we wearied Him?” In that you say, “Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and He delights in them,” or, “Where is the God of justice?”

Are there people in our world doing evil and being told that it is good in God’s eyes? Yes, this has been happening for many years. The worldly view is that anything goes and as long as you mean well God will delight in you. But scripture does not bear that thinking out. Just like my plant that might have a fungus attacking it, if it is not dealt with the plant will die. If the Body of Christ does not address the darkness, it will take over.

You might ask, “But what can we do when there is darkness around us?” Shine the light of Jesus into the darkness. Watch and listen to what is going on and take it to God in prayer. This world will not be changed by those who do not act. It will be set free by those who do their part with prayer.

Pray for those who don’t see the truth to have their eyes opened and pray for those who see the truth to have the strength to follow and share it.

Enjoy every moment that God gives you. I will be back next week with more.


Weeds or Glory Reflectors?

As I walked my neighborhood this week I noticed some flowers growing in yards and fields.  When I came out later and looked at them again I realized they had moved with the sun. They faced East as the sun came up then they followed the sun through its trip across the sky. As Christians we are like the flowers following Jesus (the light of the world) every moment of the day.

Some people call these flowers weeds, but as I watched their dance with the sun I understood that they are God’s creation made to bring Him Glory. Christians are sometimes treated like weeds that the world wants to remove or mow down. But there is beauty inside of us that reflects God’s glory to the world. The key to this glory reflecting is keeping your eyes on God. These flowers wake early in the morning and spend their whole day following the sun. When the clouds get in their way they still look up expecting rain to refresh them.  We can learn a lot from the simple movements of a flower in bloom.

But what happens when the flower quits looking good and goes to seed. The wind blows and all the seeds scatter. It looks like life is over, but then next year we see more flowers than last year. It is the same with us. We seem to lose our beauty and that is when the wonder of God is working behind the scenes. Suddenly the wind of the Holy Spirit blows and all the seeds scatter. Sometimes our circumstances seem to pluck us out of the ground and the movement releases our seeds and the wind directs them so they may land and produce more flowers. Our life has been spent but not in vain.  God will get the glory for all the plants that bloom the next year. And there will be people who will be upset to see more flowers in their yard and they will try to poison them, mow them, dig them out and remove them from their sight. But the flowers will come back again.

Jesus and His church will never go away no matter how much some wish we would. We are planted and multiplying. We bloom and show God’s glory. As others watch they will see where we are looking, turn and look too. When they do we will introduce them to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and take them into His light and life.

Let God’s light shine in your life this week so His glory will be known to the world.  I’ll be back next week with more.

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