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What is a Weed?

IMG_0665Have you ever had weeds in your lawn and gone to the store to get something to kill or remove them? You go down the aisles and find that there are many dangerous chemicals that can promise those weeds will never come back.  You might read the labels and chose the one that seems like it has the most potent effect on the problem or the one that seems it has the most natural ingredients.

In your mind you believe the weed to be the problem and you seek a solution. Did you know the weed may not be the problem? The problem could be that the soil is missing something. That so called “weed” could be God’s solution to the weakness in the soil. Our wonderful, all knowing God had a plan for sick soil. He caused certain plants to grow when the soil is missing something to replenish and heal it. However when we kill some of the plants that seem to be weeds we destroy the life giving healing that God set out for the ground.

So you see, a weed is in the eye of the beholder. Some so-called weeds have pretty flowers and some are prickly and cause pain, but they all have a purpose or God would not have created them. On a spiritual level we see weeds growing in our lives and maybe we spew poison on them trying to kill them off. We may try to hide them from others by suppressing them but they are still there. Until we take a deeper look to see what is causing this weed to grow we will not be able to remove them from our lives.

What could a weed be in my life? It could be suppressed anger or disappointment or many other things. No matter what the weed is if we don’t try to figure out where it started and learn what we are missing that caused it to grow we will never be healed. The weed can turn into a blessing, because it is a cry for help but left unchecked it can cause more problems.

For example maybe the weed grows when there is pride. A proud person does not want to be seen with a weed. It causes embarrassment of not being perfect which smacks pride in the face if the weed is allowed to be seen by the people around us. It causes humility, which softens our hearts and can cause us to grow into a more compassionate person.  A real problem happens if the proud person hides the weed, which only causes the weed to grow bigger and bigger until it becomes a major embarrassment.

So next time you see a weed, don’t look at the weed, look deeper and try to figure out what caused it. Have compassion and mercy on people whose weeds are showing. Help them work through and grow and learn from the experience. I hope you enjoy the coming week and praise God for the weeds that help us heal and grow.


The “O” word

imageMy mind is fresh today with visions of two-year olds challenges. Sometimes when you are two it is difficult to do the right thing. Adults can explain until they are blue in the face why you should not do something, but all you hear is “don’t do what is fun to do”. Suddenly those pesky adults seem to change the rules and don’t want you to have fun. This is why parents are tested to their limit with little ones. I love my grandson and most of the time he is the best in the world but sometimes that ornery look shows up in his eyes and you know it isn’t going to be pretty.

For a two-year old the “O” word is bad. “O”bedience is difficult for most of us, at least at first. It is hard to understand what is good for us and what is not. I remember before I accepted Jesus’ salvation I did not want to be told what to do and when to do it. I wanted to do what I wanted to do and let the chips fall where they might.

However something happened to me. I realized that Jesus paid the price for my sin. That made all the difference in the world in my overall behavior. I began to understand that everything I do has a consequence and I better be more careful.  I realized that if I sin willfully I am not truly accepting what Jesus did for me and definitely not showing my appreciation for His sacrifice.

In this month of November with Thanksgiving coming upon us soon, I am thankful for grandchildren who can help me look back and see where I was and where I am now. I hope that you can look back too and see something wonderful that God has done in your life.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.

Blessings and Pain

IMG_2867Life is full of blessings and pain. The older I get the more I appreciate the blessings that come my way and the more I expect the pain that I feel.

Keeping my eyes open to understanding the blessings that abound in my life is a key element to staying joyful. Every day I have the opportunity to either rejoice or complain. Joy is still possible even when the things around me are negative, sad or evil.

For example, when someone that I work with leaves the job for any reason I feel sad that they are leaving. But I should also feel blessed and happy that I got to know them while they were there and try to stay in touch with them. The missing co-worker saddens me but I need to focus on the relationship.

This week I visited my doctor because of a pain in my foot and ankle. I wasn’t happy that I had to go there. And I was not happy that there wasn’t much that could be done. But I am joyful that God has directed me to a doctor and staff that cares and will do all they can to help me through the pain.

I have had some challenges, blessings and trouble all together at one time this week. The good news is that I looked up to God and asked for strength to make it though and He helped me. I am sure that every day will bring more challenges but I am resolved to get my help from God.

Psalm 121 (NKJV)
I will lift up my eyes to the hills—
From whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to be moved;
He who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, He who keeps Israel
Shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
The Lord is your shade at your right hand.
 The sun shall not strike you by day,
Nor the moon by night.

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil;
He shall preserve your soul.
The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in
From this time forth, and even forevermore.

Enjoy your week I will be back next week with more.

Soaring with Blessings

eagle in flightI am blessed:

  • to have a husband that loves me and enjoys dreaming with me
  • to have wonderful children and grandchildren who I love to be around
  • to have a new car that is fun to drive
  • to have a home to live in
  • to get an income tax refund
  • to have a job that God is helping me do my best at
  • to have a God that loves and takes care of me, forgives me of my sins and saved me from eternal death, hell and the grave
  • to experience some soaring like an eagle with the help of my Father in heaven

I heard a teaching on the radio this week from Dr. David Jeremiah. He was talking about waiting on the Lord and soaring. The teaching was great and just what I needed to hear. He went into detail on how the baby eagle has to be made uncomfortable to get it out of the nest. But this doesn’t always work and so the mother eagle will do what she needs to get him to move. Then the baby eagle gets on her back and she soars with him and then drops him so that he begins to tumble and fall. She watches and swoops under him to catch him and soars with him again and then drops him again. The baby eagle eventually spreads his wings and begins to soar unassisted. The eagle can catch the wind currents and soar without flapping its wings.

In an instant I saw myself as the baby eagle and felt that sometimes I look around too much at circumstances and allow the stress of life to take over and I just flap my wings and cannot fly. I decided that I wanted to change this and really soar in life.  I do not want to be that baby eagle that does not know how to fly. I want to be the eagle that knows how to wait on the Lord through every circumstance and catch the updraft and soar. As Dr. Jeremiah spoke I said a prayer asking God to help me soar. I want to feel that draft of wind lift me up and soar.

I find it amazing how God answers those prayers. At work I relaxed my mind and put off the stress that comes from meeting specific goals and soared.  I was able to exceed my goal for the day. It was amazing. I soared all the way home from work, living off of that high. I want to soar every day.

Join me in putting on blinders to circumstances and stress and soaring on the wind that God provides. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.

Blessings through the Pain

I don’t really drive a stomper!

What a week I have had. My focus has been on doing all I can to recover from a torn rotator cuff. The exercises are painful but I thought I was making progress until…yes there is an until. On Thursday night I was headed home from work, feeling tired and anticipating getting home and resting from the day. As I sat at the stop light with two cars in front of me, I waited for the light to turn. Then suddenly a loud crack and bang, I was thrown forward in my seat and I realized I had been hit from behind. I put the car in park, took off my seat-belt and got out of the car. I was shaking, really shaking.

The woman that hit me was apologetic and admitted that she had not seen me there. I did not see her coming because I was looking at the light and not in my mirror. At first the woman was distancing herself from me and expecting me to take her information while she stood back. But then she realized how shaken I was and became very helpful. She took pictures of the damage and sent them to me, she called her insurance company on the spot to prove she had insurance. She even questioned whether I was ok to drive afterward. I guess if you have to have an accident you would want to have someone like her on the other end.

As nice as she was it didn’t help the injury that I received from the impact. Under the advice of my nurse daughter I went to my doctor the next day and confirmed that I have some neck damage. Now I am under even more intense regimen of tens machine, icing and medication to deal with the extra pain, woo-hoo!

Through it all I see blessings. The first blessing was watching God turn this lady’s heart to be helpful. The next blessing is getting good advice from my daughter and my sister. After speaking with the lady’s insurance company my sister told me I should call my insurance company too and let them know what happened. When I did, they took over the whole thing and are going to deal with the other company for me. That was a real blessing. If my daughter had not insisted that I see the doctor I may have suffered in silence and waited too long to have the injury covered by the insurance.

So, yes I am in pain, but thanks to the grace of God I am on my way to recovery and my car will be fixed soon too. Praise God for all his blessings. Praise God for the small things in the midst of the painful things. Enjoy your week, God willing I’ll be back next week with more.

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