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Oh Mama

There is nothing like imitation to help you appreciate someone. This year I decided to share some of my memories from childhood with my grandchildren. I am not just telling them stories but rather imitating some of my Mama’s traditions so they can be passed down to this new generation.

I started by building a “cookie crib”, which is a manger scene with the building built out of sugar cubes, powdered sugar mortar, and a shredded wheat roof. Then the most fun part is to make the cookies with grandkids. This year I had Jack and Rex. But Rex wasn’t feeling good so Jack got all the fun.

I use some antique cookie cutters that my Mama used. As I started I remember my mama’s struggle with getting the cookies to release from the cutters. But I had Jack, he was in charge of putting flour into the cutters to make them release easy. He was a fun mess.

Then it was on to painting the cookies. I will admit I did not completely remember what parts to paint what colors but that didn’t matter because because Jack was in charge and did a wonderful job for a three year old. It was all about the fun not a perfect project. We were making memories.

While we worked I was able to explain who each cookie represented and briefly what Christmas is all about. Sharing sbout Jesus in a fun way made this even more special.

Oh Mama I miss you especially when I start to realize the amount of effort you put into raising us and keeping the Christmas pure for us.

This Christmas season is starting out very special. I hope you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or other child you can share the true wonder of Christmas with. Enjoy your Christmas Holiday.


Comments on: "Oh Mama" (3)

  1. This made me tear happy tears! I am so glad you are passing these things down. So glad also that you had the best sugar cookies helper! We may have eaten them for breakfast and Jack made sure I ate the “one with my name of it”. Grandma was so wonderful. She was constantly giving and busy for her babies. That’s for bringing back some of those traditions. We love you!


  2. kathycagle said:

    I am just now reading this post. I love the pictures. And I hope to do something like this at Christmas. Wow and the building: sugar cubes, powdered sugar mortar, and shredded wheat! And those grandids. So sweet! Sounds like you are a wonderful grandma, Kitty!

    Kathy Cagle

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