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honor-the-soldiers-who-keep-us-freeVeteran’s day is a time when we remember all our military, those who have gone on to glory and those still with us. I want to thank them all for their service to this country. It takes great courage to join the military and great sacrifice to continue and serve in the military during turbulent times like these. I am happy to say that I have military veterans in my immediate family. It is wonderful to know that they joined up and stuck with it during the tough times.

After signing up and getting into the thick of things it takes great courage and commitment to re-enlist when your time is up and you could return to being a regular citizen. All service to this country is to be applauded but those who decided that they want to continue to serve this country after their initial enlistment expired are extra special in my eyes.

Believe me as a mother of an army soldier I hoped my son would decide to leave the army and not re-enlist when his first enlistment ended but he did not. So I supported his decision. Then when he finally decided it was time to get out of the army, I was relieved. However, he decided that he would become a firefighter, once again putting his life on the line day in and day out. But I applaud that commitment to helping others and being willing to put his life on the line that others may have the help they need in a time of trouble.

My son is one example of many in this country of young men and women who decided that the safety and security of others is extremely important. Safety in this world is important, but what about security in the next life. I have to ask myself these questions:

  • Am I willing to put my pride and feelings of security on the line in order to help others realize that there is an eternity and they can make choices today to secure a place with God?
  • Am I as brave as these soldiers and first responders when it comes to eternal questions?
  • Do the lives of others even play a role in my everyday decisions?

If I keep my mind on God and understand in my heart and mind what is at stake for all of us the bravery should rise up in me. As Joyce Meyer says, “Do it afraid”. Brave people are not stupid they understand the risks and decide that they will move forward with understanding to do what needs to be done no matter the danger to them.

Isaiah 41:10 (NASB)

 ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

My challenge is to rise up, push away unfounded fear and be a soldier for Christ wherever I go. Will you join me? Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. kathycagle said:

    “Brave people are not stupid they understand the risks and decide that they will move forward with understanding to do what needs to be done no matter the danger to them.” I agree with your good conclusion,Kitty.

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