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I got a message yesterday from someone I went to high school with, what a  plesant surprise it was. The amazing thing is that she still remembers a “Tweety Bird” I gave her back then. She said that everytime she sees “Tweety Bird” she remembers me. Funny how something so small can stick with someone for so many years. I had forgotten all about it until she brought it up to me again. Thanks Theresa.

Small acts of kindness never go unnoticed. My hope is that in my lifetime I will be able to leave some eternally significant memories with those I am around so that they will never forget the gifts that God has given us. I hope that I leave more good memories than bad ones. I think we would all like to be remembered for the good that we do and not the mistakes that we made. Believe me I have made some dandy mistakes in my lifetime. I can only pray that I am the only one who remembers them.

The wonderful thing about God is that He will forgive us for those times when our thinking is messed up which causes us to take actions that are inappropriate. The real key to His forgiveness is when we realize what we did wrong we repent and ask for forgiveness. Being right with God is the greatest gift that anyone can receive.

After receiving forgivness we are once again able to feel the joy that comes from knowing God and being in His presence. Before we understand that we are forgiven life can be a nightmare that will not end. Admitting what we have done wrong and walking away from what caused us to do it are the strongest actions anyone can take in this life. These actions lead to a glorious eternity.

Staying in the Word of God will help us recognize right from wrong. It helps us remember and understand what is important to God and therefore should be important to us. So the challenge of this week is to read the Word and ask for new revelation and understanding. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. kathycagle said:

    “Saying in the Word of God…” You write so well, Kitty. Love to you and your family!

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  2. kathycagle said:

    I meant to quote you, Kitty as saying “staying in the Word of God” as key to receiiving help from the Lord… You make us smile.

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