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Do You Remember When……

psalm-37-23-in-the-sandSometimes God surprises me with little reminders. It is easy to get caught up in everything that happens in this busy life. We can get so focused on what we need to do to make a living we lose sight of why we are here on this earth. And truthfully sometimes we just don’t know why God created us. We sometimes feel lost and alone needing direction but so caught up in everything around us that we can’t step back and remember the promises. Sometimes we feel like the promises are gone forever and were just something we made up in our heads. Then God reminds us.

God reminded me yesterday about a time when he orchestrated an encounter and some encouragement for my husband and I. We were blessed to go on a business trip. While on this trip we made it a priority to find a local church for worship on Sunday morning before we left the area. On Saturday night we used the phone book, this was before the internet, and found a church. We called to see what time the services were and spoke with the caretaker of the church. He invited us over to see the church that evening and listen to the worship practice. We were excited and took the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy some time to ourselves. We were met by the caretaker who spoke some things to us that were very timely and we could tell were directly from the heart of God. We stayed for the worship practice and as we were leaving the caretaker gave us Haleys Bible handbook that he thought we could use in our journey with God. It was amazing and great.

The next morning we arrived at the service knowing that we would have to leave a little before noon in order to get back to our room in time to check out and leave for home. The service was different. The pastor said that God had directed him to do it differently. I don’t honestly remember all that happened but what I do remember is that God’s presence was strong and everything that was spoken during the service was something my husband and I needed to hear. Then we noticed that the time for us to leave was quickly approaching and we hoped we would not have to leave before the end of the service. Surprisingly the pastor got up and said that the service was over. He said that God had prompted him to end the service because He knew we needed to leave in order to get on our way.

It was the most amazing thing that we had ever experienced. To think that God cared enough about us to do all that He had done during that service. God reminded me yesterday that He is still the same God who took care of us then and that He will still take care of us.

Words cannot describe the amazement at that reminder. I believe that no matter what happens in this world, which seems crazy right now, God is in control and we can rest assured that He will take care of His people.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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