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James 5 16I have experienced some immediate answers to prayers lately and I am amazed and awestruck by them. The prayers and events were nothing earth shattering but they were answered the way I requested and that amazed me.

My husband has been trying to get together with some people and unable to get them to respond to his request. I prayed that God would make this happen and out of the blue he met up with one of the people and they went to the other person and set up the meeting.

I have a friend who I try to encourage as often as possible, but this person had a need for encouragement from other sources. I prayed that God would bring encouraging people their way and I heard the other day that God answered that prayer and they heard from others the encouragement they needed.

Bob was having a bad day on Friday and on top of that traffic was bad. It looked like it would take him around 1 1/2 hours to get home. I said a short prayer and asked God to help him make it in an hour. I do not know how God did it because the traffic was bad but he made it home in an hour.

I praise God because He listens and takes care of some of the small things for us. He keeps us safe and helps us through the day and gives us opportunity to help others through their days.

I challenge you to pray for someone else even if it is for something that seems insignificant. A small thing going right can be all the encouragement someone needs to make it through the day. Watch for the answer and when it comes rejoice in God, and thank Him for his faithfulness.

So take the challenge and help a friend. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.




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