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End or New Opportunity

IMG_0803An emergency meeting before lunch for the whole department did not sound good. As the workers entered the meeting they were apprehensive. It did not take long before they found out that their jobs might end soon. The company had lost the contract that secured their jobs. Their employment might last two more months but no guarantees. The company promised to try to find a way to keep some of them employed but offered no guarantees. In our economy this scenario happens all too often for employees.

Every employee will take this news differently. Initially most people will be is some state of shock and then possibly worry and then who knows. But what does the bible have to say that might help in this situation?

I looked for answers and found that for some of the most awful situations in the bible there was something good that came out of them. For example in the book of Exodus the children of Israel were in bondage and Moses was sent to set them free, but that freedom did not come until they had endured several plagues and then the road to freedom was not paved and took a long time. The plagues, which were bad, paved the road for new opportunity for the whole nation and brought glory to God.

Then in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John there is the story of Jesus who came and healed people and raised people from the dead and just when things were going great in the eyes of the world for Him and His followers, He was scourged and crucified. There were some really anxious and depressing days before He rose from the dead and offered salvation to all of us. Jesus did not want to die, just look at how he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. But he persevered and the world received a great gift from His sacrifice. Those around him did not recognize the opportunity that His death opened up.

Let’s look at the disciples in the boat with Jesus when the storm gets bad from Mark 4:35-41. Very afraid for their lives they wake Jesus up and He looks at them and looks at the storm and tells it to stop. He points out their lack of faith and they make it to land.  The storm was an opportunity for a new understanding of the power and authority that Jesus held. It made the disciples understand more that they really did not understand Jesus at all.

None of these stories are about being unemployed but the principal is the same that in some terrifying things there can be new opportunities. And for this reason instead of the negative thoughts that seem to come natural to us such as counting down days to the end of a job, there can be optimism about a new opportunity beginning. At the end of everything there is a new beginning with something else.

I hope this has been an encouragement to you, as it has been to me. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. You’re absolutely right.

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  2. Theresa P. said:

    Excellent blog Kitty and so timely. Jobs can be uncertain in the best of circumstances but God remains faithful and so must we. I stand ready to help any of my former colleagues to serve as a reference, write a recommendation or even to just be available to talk them through the changes. Tell others to deem it a transition and not unemployment. I hope to be deemed a friend in Christ. God bless you and your colleagues!


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