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Walking the Dog

jack and rex and nemo walkWhile watching two of my grandson’s last weekend we decided that Nemo needed to go out for a walk. I made sure both boys had shoes on and the youngest had a jacket. Then I got Nemo on his leash and gave the control of the leash to Jack, the three year old. Since Nemo is small and Jack is good at stuff I figured he could handle the job. Out the door we go, very slowly.

I have Rex’s hand and because he is only 17 months old our pace was slow. Jack walked ahead slightly but since Nemo is more interested in leaving his scent everywhere there was no problem of them getting too far ahead. As we walked we came to a part of the sidewalk that was full of branches and debris from a tree that was waiting for pickup. I stopped Jack and helped him shorten the leash so he could guide Nemo around the pile, because sometimes Nemo can’t see things like that and will walk into them. Jack did a great job staying with Nemo and getting him around the pile.

The next challenge was the end of the sidewalk and we would have to cross the alley. Both Jack and Nemo did very well with this and they went far out into the field for Nemo to leave his deposit. Jack was excited because our next stop would be where the horses live and he loves to see them. We walked carefully down the alley to the fence where the horses are. Jack and Rex both had fun looking at the horses and making noises at them. But Nemo just wanted to bark uncontrollably as if he could harm them. I had to intervene and calm him down.

Before moving further down the alley I explained to Jack that he would have to keep Nemo on a short leash and keep him on the far side of the alley away from the houses because there were dogs behind some of the fences and Nemo would run into the fences and hurt himself when he started biting at the fence. Jack looked at me held tight to the leash and moved forward, but Nemo started pulling hard and barking. I saw fear in Jack’s eyes like he didn’t think he could do it and I gently reached down and said, “What if I help you hold the leash?” The relief in his face was instant and we both held the leash the rest of the way down the alley.

After thinking about what happened on our walk I realized that it was a beautiful picture of what God does with us. He will give us a certain thing to do and he will instruct us along the way. Then when we start to doubt we can do it, He will gently put his hand out and help us to complete the job.

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.

Look around as you go through your day and understand that God is right with you guiding those who love Him and follow Him. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.



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