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When I was a kid I remember Easter. Our family celebrated the whole weekend. We started the Holy week with Holy Thursday commemorating Jesus last days on earth. Then there was Good Friday, by far my most moving and favorite time. It was the one gathering that I actually felt a part of what was going on. I got a feel for what Jesus went through for us. Then came Saturday and our family tradition. We lived in a small town and there were many Aunts and Uncles and cousins. We would start at Aunt Clarice’s house and chase the Easter bunny, getting as many eggs and candy as we could. The next stop was our house, then a few blocks away to Aunt Irma’s house, then on to cousin Mary’s house then we would end up at Aunt Teresa’s house. Over the years the route would change a little but it was always the same people and the same fun getting eggs and candy.

Then came Easter Sunday and we would dress up really fancy and go to church. The church was decorated with more Easter lilies than you could imagine. Every year the church would be full.

I no longer live in my home town but this Easter Sunday we carried on the tradition of chasing the Easter bunny with my grandkids. There are only two close to home and they are young, but we had fun in my front yard. They enjoyed the time together and had fun opening the plastic eggs to find the surprises inside.

Our lives are so full of stressful stuff that it is great to just spend time playing with the grandkids. No agenda just down time relaxing and having fun. I think God wants us to enjoy this life and spending time having fun with family is one way of doing that.

So I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family celebrating the new life that Jesus gave us on this earth. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.



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  1. jacquie85 said:

    It was so fun! They loved their prizes!!!!

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