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Thursday Troubles

thursdayThursdays or “pre-Fridays” are usually pretty good days because of the feeling that the weekend is near and there will be time to relax.  Well, this past Thursday was a giant challenge day for me. I started my day not feeling well but knowing I must go on and work my way through the aches and pains and drained feelings I had.

As I approached down town Dallas the traffic slowed to a crawl. I checked my traffic on the phone and listened to the radio and found that it would take me an extra 30 minutes to get there. After one more confirmation of this from my husband I called work and let them know. Feeling that all my bases were covered I sat in the slow moving traffic and hoped for the best. As I sat there with a tractor trailer rig on my left and cars on my right I heard a loud pop. Looking into my rear view mirror and I saw there was no-one even close to my bumper, then it hit me. My hand had slipped down and hit the trunk pop button. My trunk was unlatched.

I sat there wondering what it would be like to unbuckle my seat belt and shut the trunk and get back into the car without a problem. That visual did not look good with the traffic moving slightly and the tractor trailer truck on my left so I opted for the “ignore it and hope it does not cause any problems” option. Finally I got past the wreck and the force of the wind kept the trunk closed. When I turned on to the street leading to my office and hit a bump the trunk lid started popping up and down, but by then I was almost at work and I did not care. Entering the parking lot two minutes before my shift started, I found a co-worker had parked in a spot next to mine so close that I would not be able to open my door if I parked there. Now on a day I was late and not feeling well I had to park even further away.

After what felt like the longest walk to my desk I was only 6 minutes late.  This would have been ok but my computer decided that it had to install updates before I could get into the program to clock in. Finally around ten minutes later it was finish. I found favor with my manager to be clocked in when I arrived at my desk.

Toward the end of the day I began to feel better because the medicine was wearing off. But in the wee hours of the morning I had to be woken up out of a nightmare that caused me to scream for help. Thank God my husband is used to this and gently wakes me up and helps me figure out where I am and that everything is ok. Friday was a bit tough on little sleep but I made it through that day and am now feeling better.

You may think this is a tale of woes but actually it is a story of being able with the grace of God and determination to make it through a really rough time. God gave me strength to decided to move forward and not let my pains stop me at the beginning of the day. He gave me wisdom to not get out of my car in the traffic. He gave me peace instead of frustration when my parking spot was not available. He gave me favor with my manager. He gave me a loving and kind husband who helps me out of terrors.

I feel enormously blessed to have experienced it all. I do not enjoy the suffering but I do enjoy realizing how God helped me through it. After going through tough times remember to look back and give God the Glory. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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