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Seesaw Life

Ups and downs happen every day in every aspect of life. We enjoy the ups and want out of the downs. But there will always be ups and downs.  Just like a seesaw one moment you can be all the way up and then sometimes the person on the other side jumps off and you fall all the way down and bounce. Sometimes the ups last a long time and sometimes they only last a moment. Sometimes you can’t get anyone to get on the other side of the seesaw and you are just down.

What a great illustration of how we need each other to level out our lives.  A seesaw at rest will have one side that is down and the other side that is up in the air, but when two people come together for a time it can be absolutely level and easy to manage. Then one exerts pressure and the other one rises up and then comes gently down as the person on the ground pushes up. The whole thing is repeated over and over again and becomes fun and exhilarating.

Life with friends can be like that. When you have a friend they can help you steady your life out and then together you help each other rise and gently fall and rise again. If life is all about the rising and falling I think it is better with a friend. My husband is my best friend he helps me though the seesaw life that we live. We complement each other very well and I can always count on him to lift me up and gently let me down. I try to do the same for him.

God watches over the seesaws of our lives to see how we handle them.  He helps us build character when we are in the low spots and watches for our thankfulness in the high spots. Truthfully our lives are temporary and every moment counts, the ups and the downs. Helping someone with their ups and downs is what I live for. It gives a sense of purpose and brings Glory to God. God did not put us here on the earth to just live our life, He put us here to share our lives.

So, especially if you are lonely, I encourage you to find someone you can help with their seesaw. Share life’s ups and downs and in the process you will be building character and growing in what God has for your life.

Enjoy your week through the seesaw ride and I will be back next week with more.




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