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The Missing Ingredient

IMG_0523 (1)As 12pm approached I felt the pangs of hunger. Bored with normal sandwiches I wondered what I could eat that was different. As I searched through the pantry I found a can of tuna. Yes, I thought, I will have tuna salad for lunch. Excited and hungry I opened the can of tuna and dumped it into a bowl.  Then I got out the pickle relish and added it to the bowl. Next I shredded a carrot and chopped some celery and added them to the mix.  And lastly I added the miracle whip. Proud of myself I grabbed some crackers and sat down to eat. As the tuna salad began to disappear, I realized something was missing. After finishing all the salad and racking my brain for what was missing, I realized I had not added any hard boiled eggs. If only I had remembered the salad would have tasted so much better.

Lately my life has not been as good as it could be because I have been missing an ingredient. I have pondered for a long time over what is wrong and what I am missing. This morning as I sat in church listening to the Pastor speak I realized what the missing ingredient was. Even though I know many things and have mastered much information and knowledge, I lost my confidence. It is very difficult to convey the fact that you know what you are talking about when you lack the confidence to speak boldly and uncompromisingly as you go through your life.

The Pastor was speaking about not compromising over what Jesus told us to do in this life and how we are to obey Him. It was a very good message and the Holy Spirit used this message to impart into my mind that I have a lot to offer society in my work and in my everyday life. I should not waffle around with decisions, I should just be confident and speak what I know in any circumstance. It does not matter if what I know has to do with work or with spiritual things or home.

Now that I understand what is missing, I will work to become more bold and confident. Maybe you have a missing ingredient in your recipe for life, I pray that God will show you what it is and help you to add it back into the mix. A recipe without all its ingredients just doesn’t taste the same and a life that is missing something important does not feel the same or have the same impact. God help us to find our missing ingredients and add them back into our lives.

Enjoy your life and use all the ingredients. I will be back next week with more.


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