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Produce Fellowship

IMG_0514 (1)I think it is funny that I can shop every week and most of the time I never see anyone I know or have much opportunity to share with anyone but this week was different. It seems the produce isle is the best place to be this weekend.

As my husband, Bob and I were stopped near the potatoes in the produce isle  a man asked me about which type of potatoes to use for a roast. He said he wanted to make sure he had the best tasting. I told him the type he had in his hand were good and Bob seemed to take over the conversation from there so I moved on to searching for other things. While I was searching for fruit my phone rang, it was my daughter. We talked a little while I looked for fruit and then decided we would talk tomorrow. I walked around the corner to put something in the cart and Bob now had two men around the cart and was deep into a conversation. I later found out they both attended a church we visit some Sundays. Bob was able to encourage one of the men who had a medical condition with a story about a friend who was healed from cancer after receiving prayer and anointing with oil. He said both men left encouarged.

After their conversation was completed we continue to look for vegetables and were standing by the bananas when a former student and family friend walked up. We proceeded to catch up on everything going on with the different family members we had not seen for a while and share how we are doing. The we shared tornado stories because her family was just as close to the storm as we were.

At the end of both conversations both Bob and I felt encouarged. It was nice to be able to share God’s love with others and catch up on things with friends in the Lord.  I think I had more productive fellowship shopping this morning than I have had in a long time. Praise God for his timing.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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