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How Did I Respond?

debrisAs we begin a new year I am really focused on my most recent test. It happened the day after Christmas when a EF-3 tornado touched down about a quarter of a mile from my home.

First of all I thank God that my husband and I were safe from a direct hit and that our property suffered no damage. As I walk Nemo, my dog, each day I see the debris field. There is insulation of varying types on roofs and in yards, on sidewalks and in trees. There are roofing shingles and tree branches and some personal effects in small amount strewn all over the neighborhood. All serve as a reminder of the powerful storm that ripped through the neighborhood.

My husband and I drove through one of the neighborhoods where houses were destroyed and people’s lives dramatically changed in an instant. I began to wonder what good I can take from this event. And then I realized that no matter good or bad the real question is, “How did I respond?” 

  • The initial fear of the storm drove me to prayer for protection. I count this as a right response.
  • I thanked God that the damage was not worse to my block. I count this as a right response.
  • My husband and I made the most of being without electricity for over a day.
  • We met with neighbors and shared the event. I count this as a right response.
  • I volunteered to share with those in need. I count this as a right response.

Could I do more? Are there things I have missed? Probably, and I will be working on doing anything I can to help others in my neighborhood.

I think after any monumental event in our lives we should search to make sure we are responding in a manner that will bring Glory to God. If our response is short of helpful or missing compassion then we have not done all we can do emotionally and spiritually to help the situation and bring glory to God.

I commend those in my area for showing up and helping out when an elementary school was destroyed. 500 people showed up to move what was left into another school building so that school can continue on January 4 for the children. As I watch the community come together I see that God’s love is being shared and this brings Him glory.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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