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After the Storm

god is our shelterAs I sit in my darkened house running on battery power I contemplate a simpler life without electronic devises. We celebrated Christmas with two of my children and their families and my sister. My son and his family recently relocated closer to my sister’s home and were able to bring her with him to celebrate Christmas.  The weather seemed threatening so they showed up around 3pm on Christmas day and left by 1pm on the 26th, making it back home before the sleet and really bad weather hit. I thank God for that.

I also thank God that my house was not hit by the tornado that touched down within a mile of my home. My husband and I were watching a movie on Netflix when we heard the tornado sirens. We quickly turned on the regular tv stations to find out we were in imminent danger of the tornado that ravished our area. I took Nemo, our dog, and got into the interior bathroom’s bathtub. My husband, Bob, gathered phones and flashlights and then joined us. We had the TV all the way up so we could hear what was happening through the bathroom wall. I prayed for protection. At one point Bob got up left the bathroom and shut the door. He walked to the front door and opened it. That is when I heard the sound that everyone hears during a tornado. It sounded like a jet engine roaring. I yelled at him to shut the door and get back in the bathroom with us.

Shortly after he joined us we heard booms and the power went out. Thank God for smart phones, we were able to get the radar to see where the storms location and know when to leave the bathroom. Leaving the safety of our only interior room with no windows we found candles and set up little stations of lights. We then ventured outside to see what all the sirens were about. For the next three hours there were steady streams of sirens from ambulances and police headed down the main road toward the really damaged area.

The power going off seems to be the main time in life when we get to meet and talk with our neighbors. As we stood in our front yard neighbors drove by and stopped or walked out and talked about what had happened. As I stood in the middle of the street talking to a neighbor, looking toward the West I saw one of the large transformers at the power substation blow up. It was a spectacular fireworks display with another very loud boom. We only hoped that there were no workers close when it happened. In all I believe there were six of those large explosions.  And that is why we are still without power right now.

I am thankful this day that my house was not damaged and grateful that we have paramedics, firefighters and police to take care of the citizens in these difficult times before and after storms. I am also thankful for all the utility workers who put in countless hours at the drop of a hat to bring our power back and keep us warm. I am thankful for my daughter giving us smart phones that really do come in handy in an emergency and can be charged in the car when you don’t have power.

Join me in praying for those who suffered damage and injury and the families of those who lost their lives in this set of storms.  The power came back on at 4am December 28, 2015 so I could post this blog. I will be back next week with more.


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