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sunriseThis is a beautiful sunrise I was able to capture on my way to physical therapy one morning. Isn’t it amazing that I went on vacation to the beach and tried to capture a sunrise but was unable to do it, but when I am driving to therapy one morning the beautiful sunrise blinds me as I drive.

In one scenario I would have welcomed the beauty and been excited to just enjoy the richness of the moment, but in another scenario I had to put my visor down and my sunglasses on and squint my eyes away from the sun to keep a focus on the road and traffic. I felt so lucky that I could just raise my phone up and take a shot of it, not actually knowing what I would get. It seemed to turn out well.

The beauty of what I saw that morning reminded me that God is everywhere. We don’t have to go away to reach Him. We just have to make time to enrich our lives with His presence.

On Friday at work I was scheduled to take a 2 hour 107 question test to get a certification that I need. I had not reviewed the information for quite a while but was given a day at work to review it and then I took the large binders of information home in the evening and reviewed some more information. I asked for prayer from my Facebook friends and I am sure many were praying for me. In the morning instead of cramming more review into my head I opened the Pandora app on my phone and listened to worship music. I walked Nemo, my dog, while praising God. I unloaded the dishwasher and made my lunch and just relaxed in the wonderful presence of God. Then when I settled in to take the test at work I was somewhat relaxed and able to let the information I knew come out. I passed the test with a 93%.

I do not tell this story to brag on myself but to brag on God. He always shows up and helps when it is needed. He always makes sure that there are people praying when prayer is needed. This has been my experience in life and I hope that you will look at your life and see that it has been yours too.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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