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Little Members Matter


Little members can make the biggest impact on situations. Have you ever tried to walk without your foot or clap without your hand? It becomes a challenge to figure out which body part you can use in a different way to accomplish your task. Almost everyone has experienced a challenge due to injury and if you haven’t you probably will.

I am working on my own challenges now. I have an injury to my left ankle and my right pinkie finger.  I have dealt with the ankle issue for around two months and the pinkie issue for a week. I just started physical therapy on my ankle Thursday and new pains abound with that. But the smaller member is causing more challenges.

Right now I am typing this blog with my left hand only on my iPhone. It is actually easier than the computer because I am not tempted to accidentally type with my other hand and I can use the word predictor to speed the process.

I have been reading the book of Job in my daily bible reading. He had many more challenges than me and he showed us how to keep faith in God through it all. Thank God my friends are not like Job’s because that would be rough to deal with.

I appreciate your prayers for fast healing and no more injuries. Some of my friends have threatened to wrap me in bubble wrap to avoid more injuries but I would prefer prayers. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. Thank you. Feel better soon!


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