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IMG_2676As I think about my life I realize that life is really a series of choices and every choice has a consequence. Some of the choices I make have really good consequences and some of them have bad consequences. Sometimes I make choices based on pressure from others and sometimes I am perfectly at ease and make choices. I would imagine that your life is about the same. I seem to do better without the pressure but sometimes the pressure helps me make a quick decision, however my quick decisions are not always the best.  Is there a solution to this problem?

The only solution to this problem of being able to make quick correct decisions is vigilance in prayer for direction and keeping the scriptural examples in the front of my mind to help guide me. It is a matter of immediately sizing up a situation and listening to the quick guidance from past experience and past studies that will keep me on the right track.

Will I always make the right decision? I can tell you the answer is “no” because I am human and make judgment errors based on limited information that I have.  Sometimes I have more information but forget to take it into account when making a decision. I feel my life has been about training myself to follow certain regimes that will help me through each day. I hope that this process will allow me to succeed more than I fail.

I have a good example of using judgement in making decisions. For two weeks in a row I have spilled left over fruit salad on the refrigerator and floor in my kitchen. The first time I guess I put the container on a full shelf that it did not fit on and it was easily knocked over when I was reaching for something and it fell out. I should have learned to be more careful but I guess I didn’t. The second time I was trying to take a tray out of the fridge to clean it and when I tilted the tray to remove it the tray knocked the container on the floor spilling the salad. These are two different situations with two different decisions but both of them turned out badly. Now maybe these decisions are not earth shattering and they don’t affect my salvation but they did cause a loss that I would like to avoid in the future. So I must become more vigilant when moving things around in the fridge and try to be more observant to avoid another potential sticky mess.

I thank God for his Grace and Mercy that allow me to continue with my daily training and forgive me when I mess up.

Psalm 32:1

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered.

This makes me want to look back over my life to remember those things that have gone wrong and God covered me and those things that have gone right because God blessed me. I can use this to give myself another reason to praise God. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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