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Unlimited Possibilities

matthew 19 26My weekend got away from me and I was unable to post to my blog. This weekend was busier than most and full of blessings and even though I am a day late I am still posting my blog.

I am now an owner of an iPhone thanks to my daughter and son-in-law. The process took a little time and I am still getting used to doing things other than making phone calls on a phone. I was happy with my old phone. It had a timer that I used for my exercises and I could take pictures and text on it and most importantly make phone calls.

Now I can do anything the rest of the world can do on an iPhone. Use it as a phone, or face time, or text, or email, or use the timer, stopwatch, clock, or use the maps or stream music, or use facebook or share photos, or check the weather, or check traffic, or watch videos, or read books, or check my health, or use the calculator, or play games, work on my blog, etc…. The tremendous amount of possibilities with this phone compared to my old flip phone are ridiculous. It may take me a while to get used to all of them but I am going to try as many as possible.

At another time in my life I experienced the eye-opening change that increased the possibilities for my life. That was when I realized that God loved me and I could serve Him. I had been happy with my life before but then God opened my eyes to all the new possibilities. I mentally went from my own little world to a supernatural universe with eternal possibilities. The prospects for the future are endless when you have a solid relationship with the God who made the universe.

Now I can motivate myself through life by keeping my focus on God’s boundless blessings and expressing my thankfulness for the opportunity to be part of His eternal kingdom. So won’t you join me this week in thanking God for all the possibilities in life. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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