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IMG_2850God blesses us in many ways. Sometimes he surprises us with the yummiest things. My husband and I have been composting for a couple of years now. Actually my husband does most of the work; I just help dump the stuff into the pile. This year in our compost pile we got a blessing. A spaghetti squash began to grow. It took over the whole area of the compost pile. Last time we counted there were over 20 squash on the plant. And now we are reaping the benefits. Today I baked three spaghetti squash to make some spaghetti.

As the squash began to take over the pile my husband saw another volunteer. Three cherry tomato plants were growing in the pile too. What a blessing. You see, this year when we were looking for tomato plants we were unable to find the cherry tomato plants that we wanted and ended up with just the larger tomatoes. Now thanks to this blessing we have three cherry tomato plants that my husband transplanted into our garden that are starting to bear fruit.IMG_2852

There are many things that I want to do but am unable to complete at this point in time. And when those things get me down I can look around and see how God is blessing me. This encourages me enough to keep on trying.

Take some time this week to look around and see where God has blessed you. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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