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Diligently Seek Him

Pr 8 17 ps 30 2The road was dark and dreary as Sabilla walked to work. She had made this walk for years with no light to show her the way. She knew exactly where to turn and where to stop and listen. She was use to the darkness. On her first trip in the dark she stumbled many times and over time through stumbles and strains, aches and pains her gait changed. The change was initially unnoticeable but over the years it became more pronounced.

Because of the limp in her step her body ached, but she never sought help. She just assumed that this was her lot in life and she endured. Her ability to endure the struggle ended one night when she fell a final time and broke her hip. As she lay on the side of the road for hours she hoped for help to come.  She cried out but no-one heard. Finally a “Good Samaritan” drove by and saw her laying there. They called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital.

At the hospital the doctors after looking at the status of her body helped her to understand that she could have avoided many of the problems she experience by getting regular medical help. The doctor explained that there was a free medical clinic just down the street from where she was found. If only she had sought out help instead of enduring through every pain her gait would have improved and her walk smoothed.

Sabilla’s story is one of health issues and not caring for the body but we can make the spiritual comparison with it to our spiritual life. Can you imagine spending your whole life not understanding that you could ask God for help? Or can you imagine knowing that God is there but never speaking to Him or seeking His help? I will bet these would be difficult to imagine. What about having a relationship with God but not leaning on Him when you struggle? This one I believe we can all relate to.

Maybe Sabilla knew there was a clinic but she was too proud to accept the help. I know that many of us could be put in that category.  Those who don’t actively seek God’s direction and help can find themselves with a broken walk in life. Their gait will not resemble that of Jesus, whom they are trying to follow. If Jesus walks straight and steady without wavering, how can you follow him if you walk hesitantly and stop many times on the way? Can you follow if you take the wrong road because you got distracted? You might eventually get where you are going but without being able to see Jesus your leader.

This week God showed me many things but the main thing was that if I diligently seek Him I will find Him and He will answer my requests.  Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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