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Rain and Traffic

psalm 147 7 8This week has been full.  May 2015 has been the wettest month I have experienced in Texas. We have various highway closures due to high water and flooding. This has caused major congestion on the highways because there are fewer highways to drive on. My husband alerted me on Friday morning that they closed a highway that I sometime drive due to flooding. This is my back up plan for when the main highway is too congested to get to work on time. With no back up route I knew that I must leave early.

In order to clock into work on time I usually leave my home an hour before my shift starts. This gets me to work around 20 or more minutes early. I like this because then I can easily be ready to get on the phones right when my shift starts. However on Friday I had to add more time into this schedule. I sped up my prep time and managed to leave the house an hour and forty minutes early.

The beginning of the trip went pretty fast. It took me around 15 minutes to reach the problem traffic. Prepared for the long drive I turned on my mp3 player and began to sing along while I slowly made my way with all the other cars on the road. About an hour into the trip a song came on that I particularly liked and I got lost in the moment singing and moving my arms around not paying attention to the drivers around me, just watching the cars. I happened to look to my left and noticed a driver with a grin on his face intently watching me enjoy my music. Slightly embarrassed, I continued to sing and enjoy the very slow drive.

A little further up the road while going around 5 miles an hour a van decided to cut right in front of me and caused me to slam on my breaks. The car made a thud sound. I checked my rear view window and no-one was close enough to hit me and it did not seem like the van hit me. But it sure shook me up. I called my husband to help calm me down and then called my manager at work to let her know I would be a little late.

Funny thing is almost everyone at work was late because of the traffic, my manager included. It was just one of those days. I thank God that he allowed me to relax in the traffic and calm down after someone made a bad move in front of me. I know this week will be a traffic challenge until they are able to open some more roads.

Enjoy your week and stay dry if you can. I will be back next week with more.


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