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loveLove is our guiding light.

It leads us to being compassionate when we don’t want to.

It causes us to care about those who are offensive.

It helps us be real and passionate toward life.

It lights the way to the truth.

Jesus let love take him from birth to death to resurrection.

Imagine His compassion

  • in healing the sick when he was tired,
  • in casting out demons when he had been busy all day,
  • in raising the dead when no-one believed it could happen,
  • in forgiving sins when they said he couldn’t,
  • in calming the storm when no-one understood
  • in carrying the cross until his body wouldn’t
  • in forgiving those around him for crucifying him because “they know not what they do”,
  • in understanding humanity with all its faults but loving people all the same,
  • in rising from the dead to defeat the enemy of our souls,
  • in giving the Holy Spirit to guide us

On this Resurrection Sunday I celebrate Jesus who showed us how to walk in love.  I celebrate the One who saved my soul from eternal darkness. I celebrate a risen Savior, Jesus who was born, died and rose again to eternal life and who has prepared a place for me and you in heaven. Celebrate His life and love and grace and peace.



Comments on: "Love Is Our Guding Light" (2)

  1. Planting Potatoes said:

    amen to your wonderful words today! God bless


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