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IMG_2759Waking up late after a long night of tossing a turning I decide to skip my morning exercises to have enough time to get ready for my day. As I was checking emails I had one from my bank stating that my account login had been disabled because someone tried to get into the account three times unsuccessfully. I immediately contacted my husband who confirmed that he had not tried to go into the account. Now it was a rush to change my password and then change my username to keep my account secure. This took around a half hour from my day and caused me to leave home a little late for work.  As I walked out of my office I realized that I was supposed to call the veterinarian to get Nemo an appointment, but this would have to wait until I got to work now.

I ran out to my car after making sure the home was locked up and sat down.  Immediately I realized that I had not filled my water bottle and taken a daily pill. I locked the car back up and ran in filled the water and took the pill. I said good-bye once again to Nemo and went back to the car. I closed the garage door, started the engine and put the car in gear and realized I had not changed from my walking shoes to my work shoes. Once again I opened the garage door, got out of the car, locked the door, ran back into the house and changed shoes. Now it was getting late and I really had to go to be at work on time. I got in the car, closed the garage door and successfully left for work. As I was on the road I realized I had not taken my vitamin drink with me and not checked the map to see what route to take.  There was no turning back and no correcting this, I just went on to work hoping I would make it there in time. I managed through the grace of God to make it and not be late. But I was a bit stressed by the time I started my work day. That is not the best way to start a day.

In a perfect world I would never be distracted and never forget steps and never make wrong decisions. I would be perfect and from that perfection God would get glory. But I am not perfect. Does that mean the God can never get glory from my life? No. In fact the more imperfect I am the more potential glory God can get. It is not about doing everything right all the time, it is about learning from what we do wrong.  What we do with our failures is what can give God glory or take it away. As a representative of God on this earth we can fail miserably or fail and recover gracefully.

A graceful recovery would be to learn from mistakes. My mistake was allowing a distraction to interrupt my routine enough to forget steps. Distractions will happen but we must be prepared to fit their fixes into our routine or we will fail. It is calculating our timing and our focus so distractions do not distract us from our goal. My main goal of reaching work on time dressed properly, prepared and relaxed were interupted by some side goals of fixing the banking issue and setting the appointment for Nemo. I did these but not without carrying over the stress from the mornings distractions that caused me to fail to think through what needed to be done to successfully get to work without stress. God gets glory when I arrive at work on time and not let stresses affect my performance.

Nobody is perfect, but what we do with our imperfections says a lot about us. Enjoy your week and try to turn your imperfections and failures into glory for God. Let God’s glory be your direction.


Comments on: "Let God’s Glory Be Our Direction" (2)

  1. Well said. We all make mistakes and know one is perfect, it is how we respond and learn that matters!


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