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Shocked on the Highway

love glory hopeIt is great to be alive. This week I had a rather disturbing encounter on my way home from work.  After a long day at work it is refreshing to think that I will be on my way home. As I get myself ready for the drive I usually call my husband to check the traffic so I can figure the quickest and safest route home. After deciding my route I head out on my way. On Thursday evening this took me on a slightly longer route but one that is more relaxing than going through downtown Dallas. I take some side streets and then take a series of four highway/interstates with all the regular interchanges and ramps that go with the winding route I chose.

As I was driving the ramp from Spur 408 to I-20 East something happened that took my breath away. I had my radio on a news channel catching up on the daily national and local news. The ramp is one lane with two small shoulders. As the ramp turned left I veered slightly to the left almost reaching the shoulder, this should not be a problem. Suddenly there was a loud noise of a fast approaching motorcycle on my left. The sudden sound shocked me and in my surprise I jerked the car to the right. I looked over and the driver looked into my window as he was inches from my mirror. All I could do was thank God that I did not accidentally jerk the wheel to the left. My heart raced for a good two minutes and I tried to catch my breath and compose myself to complete my ride home.

Not far behind him approaching on my right was another motorcycle coming up fast but not as fast as the one that scared me. This one passed everyone on the right where there was more room. I prayed as I traveled the rest of the way home for people who do not understand how they risk their lives for a momentary thrill. I have to tell you it has left me a little shy of driving and on the constant look out for motorcycles.

I could be angry. I could want vengeance. But all I want is for people to value this life that God has given us.

This week I felt inspired to compose a new prayer that has helped me.

Lord let your LOVE be our guiding light, let your GLORY be our direction and let your HOPE be our perfection.

Take some time to ponder what it means and I will be back next week with more.


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