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IMG_2757We live in a double world. It is physical and spiritual.

Here is an example of a purely physical situation. In the morning as I approach my car I push the unlock button on my car key, immediately some of the lights come on and the door unlocks. Opening the door and I get into the driver’s seat. Putting down my items I focus starting the car. Pushing the key into the ignition and turning it the car roars to life. On the dash lights start flashing reminding me that I do not have my seat belt on and that there is an air bag in front of me. As I latch the seat belt the warning lights go off.  I check the mirrors and radio and prepare to take the car out of park to start my journey. Once the car is in drive I look both ways and slowly creep out of the driveway making sure no-one is coming beyond the fence and move forward. The rest of the trip is a matter of paying attention to where I am going and what I am doing to stay out of potential accidents and make it to my destination without harm.

Now here is an example of the spiritual world. As I arise most mornings I turn on the light, grab my glasses and my bible and begin to read. With my daily reading completed I begin prayer time. As I go along with my daily physical routine the Spirit of God directs me. Physically I know where to go and what to do but spiritually  God directs me into places I did not know I would be for reasons of which I was unaware of but I went. One day not too long ago I was following my daily routine and someone in my path said to me “I prayed this morning that God would send someone to show me what to do and I want to thank you for helping me.” Just like my car does what it should do but can’t accomplish it without a driver so I can’t accomplish spiritual things without God’s direction.  

I am a spirit that lives in a body. Before I accepted God’s salvation I was like that car without a driver, going nowhere fast. God’s Spirit living inside of me started directing my steps and helping me get where I needed to go. Before I had no idea where I even wanted to go and with God I have direction and a heavenly destination. Whether the ride is rough and testing or fast and exhilarating, as long and God is the driver and His glory is the direction those bumps in the road don’t matter. My main goal is to allow God to drive my life, to direct and correct me so that I can bring Him glory.

Enjoy the ride this week and I will be back next week with more.


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