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Soaring with Blessings

eagle in flightI am blessed:

  • to have a husband that loves me and enjoys dreaming with me
  • to have wonderful children and grandchildren who I love to be around
  • to have a new car that is fun to drive
  • to have a home to live in
  • to get an income tax refund
  • to have a job that God is helping me do my best at
  • to have a God that loves and takes care of me, forgives me of my sins and saved me from eternal death, hell and the grave
  • to experience some soaring like an eagle with the help of my Father in heaven

I heard a teaching on the radio this week from Dr. David Jeremiah. He was talking about waiting on the Lord and soaring. The teaching was great and just what I needed to hear. He went into detail on how the baby eagle has to be made uncomfortable to get it out of the nest. But this doesn’t always work and so the mother eagle will do what she needs to get him to move. Then the baby eagle gets on her back and she soars with him and then drops him so that he begins to tumble and fall. She watches and swoops under him to catch him and soars with him again and then drops him again. The baby eagle eventually spreads his wings and begins to soar unassisted. The eagle can catch the wind currents and soar without flapping its wings.

In an instant I saw myself as the baby eagle and felt that sometimes I look around too much at circumstances and allow the stress of life to take over and I just flap my wings and cannot fly. I decided that I wanted to change this and really soar in life.  I do not want to be that baby eagle that does not know how to fly. I want to be the eagle that knows how to wait on the Lord through every circumstance and catch the updraft and soar. As Dr. Jeremiah spoke I said a prayer asking God to help me soar. I want to feel that draft of wind lift me up and soar.

I find it amazing how God answers those prayers. At work I relaxed my mind and put off the stress that comes from meeting specific goals and soared.  I was able to exceed my goal for the day. It was amazing. I soared all the way home from work, living off of that high. I want to soar every day.

Join me in putting on blinders to circumstances and stress and soaring on the wind that God provides. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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