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IMG_2723Ice, snow, traffic, and car replacement, what a week!! This week started out with a bang or should I say a slide. We had ice storms consisting of freezing rain and sleet on Monday and Tuesday. Work was called off those days. During my time off from work my husband and I managed to get a car loan and buy a different car. We have been looking for a while and finally found the car we wanted. I saw God’s blessings in the process. Monday during the ice storms we managed to get a verbal deal on the car. Then about an hour later we saw the price dropped by $1000 online.  Early Tuesday morning my husband was on the phone talking to the dealership to make sure we got the lower priced deal. By the end of the day on Tuesday we drove home with the car. Though it was a couple of stressful days the end result was great.

Wednesday because of the bad weather I drove our old truck to work. Thursday I was able to drive my car to work and show it off to co-workers. Then came Friday with great looking roads to start the day but the snow was on its way. Thank God my husband suggested that I drive the old truck to work. After getting up and watching the weather I realized that he was right. The snow started to accumulate shortly after I arrived at work.

Trying to work was difficult because I could see the snow accumulating outside through the window and co-workers were sending messages of how bad the roads were getting.  My husband called and told me about bad conditions he had driven in to warn me about what to expect.  At this point we were all just wanting to go home because the snow was not expected to end during the daylight hours.  At 1:30pm the company decided that we should shut down and all try to get home. I knew traffic was going to be bad, but never expected what I experienced. I do not have a GPS on my phone and did not have a city map to find an alternate route so I took the highway.

I thank my sister for giving me a frost guard to put over the truck windshield, because it really helped. I was able to scrape the snow from some areas of the truck and then just pull the guard off and the windshield was clear…for a few minutes. The snow was coming down heavy enough to fill it back up fairly quickly. After scraping what I could I headed out. I expected to be able to make it to the highway with ease. That was my first mistaken thought. I left the parking lot and made it to the end of the block where I needed to go left. There were cars as far as I could see going to my left and to my right…..not moving because of the lights and volume. Through rare kindness on the street I managed to make my turn.

After waiting in line for around 10 minutes I made it to the light. I turned down the service road and made it to a gas station. The highway was barely moving. I filled the tank because co-workers had mentioned people were waiting so long in lines some were running out of gas. Getting onto the highway the slow creep home began. An hour later I had made it around three miles. That was really good progress. For the next hour I managed to get about an eighth of a mile. All the lanes were packed with people trying to get home. Usually these people do not all travel at the same time and the roads can handle it but this day was different.

I listened to the radio for hours. Many times I put the truck in park because my foot was tired of pressing on the brake. Every hour I would call my husband to tell him of my progress. The second hour I called my husband and told him the check engine light had come on in the truck. He was sure it was just the gas cap, but until I spoke to him I had a little bit of stress going on. Being stuck in traffic with bad weather wasn’t enough stress but to have the thought of the truck breaking down just gave a little more.

He was working downtown and at one point could actually see the truck on the highway from where he was. It took me over three hours to finally get to the bridge that was causing some of the problems. There was cobblestone ice on the bridge and all the traffic was going 20 miles or less per hour. But this was faster than I had gone in hours. About the time I made it close to the bridge I found out my husband was about to leave work and got on the highway close to where I was.  The rest of the drive was treacherous with iced over bridges and cars spun out on the road. We both made it home safely and for that I thank God.

I am hoping for the end of the winter weather and just normal traffic from now on. I thank God for protecting us in the storms and for helping us get the car. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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