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IMG_2654The New Year began quietly for me. No fireworks, no late night celebrations and no voice. It is really hard to “Woo Hoo” loudly with laryngitis. As I write this blog I am on day 5 of no voice. Every day comes with its challenges and some have more than others. Life would be totally boring without these challenges.

My main goal for this new year of 2015 is to glorify God in everything I say and do.  This one thing matters through all the events and circumstances in life. It is not what we go through that makes the difference in our eternity; it is how we go through it.

Life is about how we meet the challenges that come our way. Take my laryngitis for example, I could sit at my computer and cry about the fact that I can’t talk on the phone or carry on a conversation with a friend. I could ask for your sympathy, but what good does that do. Instead I like to look at the good that can come through my having to stay silent. This circumstance has offered opportunity for the management at my job to be creative and find other work for me. I have been able to experience the kindness of others. I have also experienced frustration.

I came home from work early the day that I lost my voice to go to the doctor. When I got home my neighbor, whom I rarely see was out picking up her mail. She noticed that the trash had not been picked up and asked me about it. I was too far away to make my whispers heard and felt frustrated that I missed an opportunity to talk to a neighbor. As loud as I could I told her I was unsure what happened to the trash man. I then felt empathy for anyone who has lost their voice and realized that it is difficult without one.

At the store it is difficult to speak with the clerk to even whisper thank you. I feel rude not trying to acknowledge them so I squeak out something that lets them know I heard. I find myself smiling more often because the expressions on my face are just about all that can express my emotions.

I think my husband is happy to have some peace and quiet but I miss telling him everything that is on my mind. I enjoy talking to him and hearing what he has to say in response. Still I am blessed to have a job, friends and family that care for me. I resolve to remember this all throughout 2015.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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