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grandchildrenI am thankful for my newest grandson being born this year. Grandchildren are wonderful and make parenting worth it. I have six grandchildren and am thankful for all their accomplishments. Every single belt and stripe in karate, every dance performance, every school performance, every soccer game, everything. I am also thankful for their challenges because I know that going through them will make them better children and challenge their parents to be better parents.

I believe that God has given grandchildren to us because he wants us to be able to help them grow and understand life. Sometimes parents are too busy to explain life to the children, so grandparents get that opportunity. Miles separate me from most of my grandchildren but I still love hearing what they do and seeing their accomplishments. The grandchildren that are closer to home get more attention because of where they live. I really enjoy experiencing them from birth and watching week by week how they grow and change.

When I was younger with my children little, it seemed I never had enough time to spend with them. I always wanted nothing more than to stay with them and play and watch as they grew up. But challenges of life caused less time than I wanted with them. Now I look at my children and watch as they spend more time with their children and share in all those wonderful times of watching their children grow and learn.  I am blessed to be a grandmother and blessed to watch my children be wonderful parents.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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