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IMG_1625Sitting at my desk on the phone with a customer on Thursday I began to smell something burning. Unable to leave the call I continued on as the smell got stronger and stronger. I figured a manager would be taking care of the situation because they usually do. The smell intensified but there was no sign of smoke in the immediate area, no fire alarm and the sprinklers were not engaged so I continued on with my call. Toward the end of the call I got an email that said someone had burned food in the microwave and they were trying to air the place out. When my lunch time came a friend and I decided that it would be better to eat outside. We took our lunches and went outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and relaxed. We probably would not have enjoyed this time had it not been for the smell. So though I did not enjoy the smell I did enjoy the time outside relaxing with a friend.

At the end of the day all I really wanted to do was get home and remove the smell from my nose and clothes.  I wanted pure clean air. This reminded me stench of sin permeates our society. In the news and neighborhoods there are always crimes and sin. There are always warnings going out about new schemes to steal or perpetrate evil on others. I read about a recent scheme where the perpetrators target women in parking lots who are alone. They have a device that can pick up the frequency of the automatic locking mechanism of your car when you hit the button. Then when you are in the store or away they can get into your car and steal things or lie in wait until you come back for other evil purposes.

Being keenly aware of your surroundings and taking steps to insure your physical safety is wise. I find that having a strong relationship with God gives me the ability to cope with anything that happens. This doesn’t mean that I do not have weaknesses or ever fear. But I believe that staying in the presence of God as much as possible gives me an advantage in all situations and if I can calm myself and listen I will hear and know what to do. I believe God’s promise.

Psalm 32:8 (NKJV)

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.

Another protective step I have taken is praying the Lord’s Prayer often. It has been called the model prayer and has more meaning than you can ever imagine. My challenge to you this week is to slowly and carefully pray this prayer understanding that Jesus is the author.  I believe you will come closer to God and enjoy His protection when you pray it with your whole heart.

Matthew 6:9a -13 (NKJV)

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
13 And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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