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New Beginnings

PSALM 118 24My family welcomed a new member this week. My newest grandson was born this week. He is beautiful and perfect. He looks a lot like is older brother and is a welcome addition to our family.

Each morning is a new beginning for me. I decide to get out of bed and decide what type of mood I will be in. Sometimes I let how I feel dictate my mood, whether it is sad, happy, somber, angry, frustrated or lethargic.  But I can decide to change that no matter how I physically feel. I decide.

I looked at my refrigerator the other day and found something that I hadn’t read in a long time. It was sitting there for years in the midst of pictures and other magnetic items on my fridge.


I believe this is going to be a wonderful day.

I believe I can successfully handle all problems that will arise today.

I feel good physically, mentally, emotionally.

It is wonderful to be alive.

I am grateful for all that I have had, for all that I now have, and for all that I shall have.

Things aren’t going to fall apart.

God is here and He is with me and He will see me though.

I thank God for every good thing.

I remember when I put this up on the fridge. My husband and I had no income and we were selling off everything we could to make money to pay our bills. We even got help from family before I managed to get a job and work picked up for my husband.  It was a very difficult time. I thank God that he brought us through that time.

I think we should all remember to thank God for all things and remember His love in the good and bad times.  Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. Congratulations on your new grandson. And thanks for your message of hope.


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