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psalm 32 8 kittyI wonder why I wander through my life. I can remember times of awesome wonder of God and His amazing works. Then there were the times of wandering without any wonderful expectations. As I considered this, I prayed for the reason. And in true form, God answered my prayer.

“God, why do I go from experiencing wonder to hopelessly wandering?”

He said, “Where are you looking when you are wandering?”

I had to think a moment about this. Then I replied, “At my feet and toward the ground to make sure I do not stumble.”

He said, “That is your problem.”

“What do you mean? Should I not be careful where I go? Should I not watch where my feet tread?”

He said. “When you look down your eyes are not on Me. You cannot see where I am guiding you to go. But when you look up and focus on Me, I will guide you in the way you should go with my eyes upon you.”

I, once again, stood in wonder of the God of the universe for guiding my steps.

And if this wasn’t enough to cause me to experience wonder toward God, He showed me more.

I struggle physically with antibiotics and due to a dental issue was put on an antibiotic last week. I was to take it for 7 days to make sure there was no infection related to a dental procedure. I told the dentist which antibiotic I could tolerate. Even though I can tolerate it this one really causes me trouble. After two days I started to really feel bad. By day 4 I was miserable and still trying to work. My manager noticed so I explained about the medicine. I know that she was praying for me. I went home that night and when I awoke in the morning the horrible symptoms were gone and I was able to function well at work. In all the times of taking this antibiotic I have never experienced the side effects go away while I was still taking it. The only explanation is that God intervened and took them away. I praise Him for his faithfulness and care and thank Him for praying friends.

Right now I am not wandering. I am in wonder of God’s grace and mercy and looking to Him for guidance. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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