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Family Time

playing in back yard at marie'sRunning around in Aunt Marie’s backyard with water guns and pumps, a kite and footballs everyone was having fun. Little Jack was enjoying the bubbles and water while Aidan and Avery were busy shooting each other and Aunt Jacquie with water. Aidan decided to fly a kite, despite the power lines and clothes-lines and cable TV lines that surround the back yard, not to mention the trees all around. Amazingly enough the kite went up a bit and he had fun.  Later we all had lots of food and enjoyed some time talking and then saying good-byes.

This is what family time is all about. Sharing company with those we love and interacting with them. When my children were little I interacted with them daily because they lived with me. Now they are grown with their own families we have to make time to get together. It is especially important when they have little children to make that time, so the children know their grandparents.

I have noticed that when I was first saved I spent a lot more time praying and enjoying the company of God. As time has gone on my time with God has changed because I have changed. I sometimes take for granted that God is with me and forget the thrill of feeling His sudden presence.  I have been growing hungry for that time of refreshing that can only come from being with God.  Just like making time to be with my family I realize the importance of taking time with God every day just to talk. Normally I have my prayer list and my scripture reading time, but I need more time just talking and catching up with God.

Would you join me this week by taking time to just talk to God and find out how things are going with Him? Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. Amazing! Once again, you and the Holy Ghost “hit” me right where I am. I am full of Christian activity, but I want more of Him. Thank you, Kitty. Love to you and each of your family.


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