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Time to Listen

purple cloudsThe door was closed and the room was as dark as it could be in mid-morning. She sat quietly listening. In the distance she could hear the sound of a TV and outside the sounds of a neighbor mowing and weed eating the lawn. She wanted no distractions. She set her phone on silent, closed her eyes and knelt at the edge of the bed. It had been way to long and she needed to hear the voice of God. Drowning out all the distant noises she began to recite the Lord’s Prayer.

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name… As she recited the words she remembered many different teachings on this particular area of scripture. She stopped her mind from wandering and began again. This time she methodically thought about each word as she said it. She wanted to mean what she was saying. The she stopped. Repeating words that she had learned was not the way to communicate with God. She was going to have to try to just talk.

So she began again. “God I know that you created me. I know that you are in heaven. I do not totally understand you. I am thankful for all that you have done for me. But I understand that what you have done has not just been for me but for the people you have created. I am small and not well-known but I love you. Today I ask that I could feel your presence again. It has been a long time since I sensed you next to me. I guess life has gotten in the way and I am sorry for that. Here I am Lord, take my hand and show me the way.”

As she finished her prayer the room grew quiet and the outside noises stopped. With her eyes still shut she began to see the purple clouds she had experienced every time she was in God’s presence. They danced around on the back of her eyelids changing shapes, given way to darkness and then coming back. The warmth of the Spirit of the living God refreshed her and she welcomed the refreshing time. Then she heard a quiet voice speaking to her spirit. It was the Lord welcoming her back. In her mind she ran and embraced Him. They walked and talked for hours.

Three hours later she opened her eyes like it had been 5 minutes. She looked at the clock and wondered where the time had gone. Feeling refreshed she left the room to continue on with her day.

Earlier this week I read a devotional about listening which prompted this blog. Our lives get bogged down with all we have to accomplish and we sometimes forget the most important thing, taking time to listen for God.  I hope this little snippet has inspired you to take some time for God this week and see what He has to say. Enjoy your time with God and I will be back next week.


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