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Thank You Daddies

fathers dayFather’s day is a wonderful time to celebrate the men in our lives who have fathered children. Being a father is a biological wonder but being a dad is another thing entirely. I want to say thank you to all the daddy’s out there.

My daddy went to heaven years ago and I miss him. He was funny and crabby, loving and ornery. No matter what, he was my daddy and I loved him. My husband is the next one I want to recognize. He has been the daddy to all my children. Over the years, he has grown into quite a daddy and now a granddaddy or PaPa. I have watched his journey and seen him grow and understand fatherhood and how to be a daddy more and more each year. Being a daddy does not stop when your kids are grown.  It seems to get more important the older your children get.

Next in line are my son’s. It is very interesting to watch your son’s grow up and then become responsible fathers and daddies. My son’s have got this down. They both spend quality time with their children and have good relationships with them. They both provide for their families and take care of their home life. I could not have asked for more than that from them. I am blessed to call them my sons. My son-in-law is also a great example of a good father and daddy. He lovingly takes care of his son and tries to give him every advantage. He is a good provider for his family.

Most importantly I would like to recognize my Father God. He has always been there for me. When I was young and felt alone I reached out to Him. And although I could not hear Him I knew He was there. Then later in life I experienced some amazing encounters with Him. Our relationship went from a Father in heaven that was maybe reachable to Daddy God who loves and cares for me.  I realized that I am blessed to have partaken in such wonderful times of bonding. Thank you Daddy God for allowing me to experience Your love and compassion.

Join me today spending time being grateful for the daddies in our lives. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. Wonderful blog! and happy fathers day to all the daddies!!!


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