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jack really grandmaRunning late she looked at her hair and realized it was totally frizzed. She thought, “I have time to fix this.” Looking in the mirror she reached down to grab the frizz tamer cream and opened up the tube. As she began to rub it into her hair she felt an unusual sensation and a pungent smell. Looking down she realized she had put Thera-gesic, that wonderfully stinky cream that helps relieve pain in muscles all over her hair. Now instead of running out the door she had to quickly wash her hair and leave the house for work with it completely wet. This is the first don’t. Don’t rub Thera-gesic into your hair.

She just bought a new powerful electric toothbrush. The dental hygienist had recommended the brush after having to do a deep cleaning on her teeth. She loaded a blob of toothpaste on the brush, dipped it in water and turned it on. Toothpaste flew everywhere and her shirt had white spots all over it. A change of shirts was required to fix the situation. This is the second don’t. Don’t turn the toothbrush on until it is in your mouth.

Today she was going to try to make her hair look better before going to work.  The curling iron had gotten hot and she picked it up and began to straighten out her bangs with it. She accidentally touched he forehead with the hot iron. No big deal she had burned her forehead before, it would heal and be covered by her bangs. As she worked her magic the iron slipped out of her hand and in an instant without thought she grabbed the hot iron so it would not hit the floor. The pain was searing and within five minutes she knew she would miss a day at work. This is the third don’t. Don’t try to catch the curling iron if it falls.

Rushing around after work she put chicken on the stove to slowly cook.  All three kids were getting dressed and ready for the program at school. She gathered them up and left the house. The school program was great and they returned home. As she opened the door the house was full of smoke. She made the children stay out in the yard as she entered the smoke-filled house to see what was on fire. As she got to the kitchen she found the pan of chicken engulfed in flames. With a hot pad she grabbed the pan and ran it out of the house and threw it into the yard. Seconds later she realized this was not a good idea when the dry leaves in the yard caught on fire.  With some help from a water hose the fire was put out and all was well.  This is the third don’t. Don’t forget to turn the stove off before leaving the house.

It was a cool fall day and she decided that a good pot of chicken soup was the perfect meal. After adding vegetables and chicken to the pot of water she turned it on to begin cooking. Her son was watching football in the living room and she asked him to listen and make sure the pot of soup did not boil over. She told him she and her daughter were going to take the dog for a walk and would be back. He briefly acknowledged her statement and she left. As they strolled along taking some different street and about two blocks or so from the house they heard sirens that were getting closer. Curiously they watched as the fire trucks headed toward their street. This stroll became a fast paced walk and then an out-and-out run as they rounded the corner and saw the fire trucks in front of the house. Her son ran out to meet them explaining that the house filled with smoke and they ran to the neighbor’s house to call 911. When she spoke with the firemen to find out what had caught on fire they said that a pan of grease on the stove. Like a lightning bolt she realized she had turned on the wrong burner.  This is the fourth don’t.  Don’t leave a pan of grease on the stove and pay attention to which burner you turn on.

Slowing down and paying attention could have prevented most of these disasters, which all happened to me. My life sometimes gets way to fast and busy to slow down. I even find myself rushing through my prayer time so that I can get on with preparations for the day.  God reminded me that if I slow down and pay closer attention to what I am doing, including prayer, my life will run more smoothly.

I hope you have enjoyed this little adventure into my list of don’ts. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. kathy cagle said:

    I have nothing but sympathy for you. I know you are a busy, giving woman fo God. (By the way, I have some of my own crazy things that I am slow to tell.) What a good article! Love, Kathy


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