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Matt021aSweaty and panting he slowed his pace and came to a complete stop. His heart rate was high and he was short of breath. This had been a strenuous exercise session for J.T.  As he dismounted the stationary exercise bicycle he mused that he had ridden for the equivalent of 25 miles but he was in the same place the whole time. It was amazing what technology could do. He could climb a mountain, swim for miles, run and walk around the world and never leave the gym.

He felt the vibration of his phone. This would be Mom calling. She was as predictable as clockwork, every Saturday at 10:30am on the nose she would call. “Hi Mom, how ya doing?” he asked. She began her weekly run down on everything that had happened during her week. He listened but not really intently. He knew what would come after the breakdown. It would be her weekly plea for him to visit. She liked talking to him on the phone but that was not enough, she wanted him to visit. This week she was a little more adamant about her request, so he caved in and promised to visit tomorrow.

As he arrived at her house he could smell the fried chicken cooking in the kitchen.  The traditional Sunday meal was awesome. As they sat to eat his mom wanted to tell him a story. She said, “I remember a little boy named J.T. He was a cute little guy. He loved to go for a walk each Saturday morning holding his Daddy’s hand. They would walk down the street to the lake and fish for hours.  And when they got back home I would give them both a great big hug, no matter how bad they smelled.

Remember when I got sick and had to go to the hospital and you weren’t allowed to visit because I was too sick? Daddy still took you for the walk and you still went fishing but when you came home I wasn’t there. You called me on the phone and asked me, “Mommy where is the hug?” I remember telling you that Daddy could hug you for me and you weren’t happy with that.

J.T. remembered that conversation. He said, “I remember telling you that hearing your voice was good but Mommy where is the hug? I wanted to feel you. You didn’t seem real on the other side of the phone. I needed your touch.” At that moment he realized that his mother was not just reminiscing with him with a random story. She needed him and he knew exactly what to give her.

A mother’s touch is comforting and a child’s hug is reassuring.  What about God? Do we sometimes find ourselves treating God like this man treated his mother? Do we make little effort once a week to listen to Him and ignore His call for us to visit? Maybe we need to be reminded of the times He has reached out to touch our lives. My challenge this week is to take some time to remember the times God has reached out to me and spend more time reaching out to Him. Will you join me?

I will be back next week with more.


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  1. This message touched my heart in so many ways. First, of course, I was thinking of human relations that I needed to give and receive from personally. And then I thought of my Lord and fellowship with Him. And then I heard Him remind me to visit Him as I visited the “smallest” in the Kingdom. Wow! Thank you, dear Kitty, for being God’s voice.


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