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More Of Me (M.O.M.)

family photo for blogI remember a time when my life revolved around me and what I wanted to do. Then I fell in love and started a family and my life changed. As I became a mom I needed More Of Me.

More Of Me to change diapers, wipe dirty noses and fix boo boos

More Of Me to get up early and fix breakfast for a family before going to work and get home to make supper

More Of Me to take care of three children with the chicken pox, flu and other illneses

More Of Me to clean every throw-up mess even when it was mine

More Of Me to take a son to the emergency room when he walked off a platform believing he wouldn’t fall just like in the cartoons

More Of Me to make sure my children got a good education

More Of Me to tell fun stories before bedtime

More Of Me to teach my children and their friends about God

More Of Me to wake up in the middle of the night realizing that one son had not made it home from work by 1 am as usual, praying that he would be ok when the doorbell rings and he is standing there with blood running down his face from a car accident.  Then realizing the other son was not home yet either.

More Of Me to watch all three of my children on their wedding days

More Of Me to watch my daughter enter into her More Of Me life

Being a mom takes more of a woman than you would imagine but it is worth it. I celebrate Moms everywhere this morning with just a few of my More Of Me moments. I have been blessed that through my whole time as a mom because I have had one devoted loving husband who has shared in all these experiences for the last 34 years.


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  1. We love you mom. I am so grateful for all you have done and ALL the sacrifices you have made. I will probably never know the extent of sacrifice and selflessness you had for our family, but I am grateful. Grateful for you and dad and the incredible family you raised. Grateful that you taught us how to love God and follow Him. Grateful that you were/are so selfless and so giving every day. You have been and continue to be the biggest blessing. I strive to be as good of a mother as you have been to us. I love you mom.

    And yes, you have THE BEST bedtime stories!!!!


    Your favorite daughter


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