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Look Who’s Walking


We live life based on our perspective.

My youngest grandson just recently went from crawling to walking. His perspective on life has changed. We watched him for months go through a process of trial and error as he mastered balancing himself on two feet. He was literally living on the edge, going from table edge to couch edge to large toy edge all in the hope of walking. Occasionally he would stand briefly on his own and then plop to the floor. He never stopped trying. Suddenly one day he gained enough balance to stand without falling. The bravery continued as he tried to take a step without holding on. Slowly over time the amazing thing happened, he began to walk on his own.

As he gains the freedom of walking, his mobility is no longer limited to places  with sturdy objects. He now could reach many more things that look fun to touch. He sets his sights on higher things now. Previously he focused on the floor and all it could bring. Now drawers and cabinet doors open new possibilities for discovery.

I  remember  when my life was limited because I couldn’t see high things. In my spiritual life I know that I cannot see the big picture, but my Father God can. My journey through life has been like my grandson’s short journey to walking. I spent years focused on the floor—the things immediately around me so that I could walk straight and not fall. Then one day I woke up.

It actually was over the course of time that I woke up to the immensity of life. But it seemed like it happened in an instant. Suddenly I realized that I had been living on the edge of life and never stepping over the line to really live. I was always pulled back to a place of safety a place of familiarity. I wanted to stay near my comfortable place because life worked there. But when I stepped over the line the feeling of freedom overwhelmed me and I never wanted to look back. The things of this world still to this day try to carry me back into that safe place where I can cling to the edge of life and not really live. But the influence of the Holy Spirit brought me to a place of standing on my own two feet and walking.

Just like my grandson does not regret learning how to walk because it has improved his ability to live, so I will never regret learning how to really live life. Having a sense of purpose to everything I do because of the Holy Spirit’s influence on my life is what living is all about.  I no longer just focus on the floor I focus on God. Making a difference in the lives of others is as easy as saying a prayer for those who are struggling. Devoting yourself to what God wants over what you want is a key to really living.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. well written!


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