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On this Resurrection weekend I have been thinking about what the disciples must have gone through.

I imaging every day was a new adventure. What would Jesus do today? How many people will he heal? How many demons would be cast out? Would he argue with the Pharisees or other religious leaders? Life had become an adventure and each day was lived to the fullest without an inkling of what might happen next.  The miracles were the best and the teaching was challenging. Sometimes they had no idea what He was talking about, but that didn’t matter.  Their relationship with Jesus was pure and exciting.

Then came the last supper (Passover meal) where Jesus mentions that one of them will betray Him. Now they are all wondering, “Am I the one who will betray?”  Jesus talks in parables so we don’t really know what He means all the time.  Doubt and fear enters the room because they do not want to be the one.  Suspicious eyes look around trying to figure out who the bad guy could be.  Judas leaves but that could be just to pay for something or prepare something.

Jesus has been talking a lot about people trying to kill Him. This seems out of character for their leader. Things have been tense and miracles few. The excitement has turned to a somber mood. They go to the garden of Gethsemane and Jesus seems different. He is troubled. He asks them to pray with Him but they are too sorrowful and fall asleep. He is sweating blood and really concerned and praying hard but they retreat again into a sad sleep.  Then he awakes them from their slumber and tells them it is time.

Bleary eyed they wake and say in their heart, “What, time for what?” Then they see the crowd with weapons and Judas leading them. Was Judas, their money keeper, the one to betray? He kisses Jesus to betray Him. This added insult to injury. One of them strikes the High Priest’s servant and cuts off his ear. Jesus heals the man and rebukes the religious leaders for coming out with weapons to get Him when they had access to Him all along.

They day just gets worse for the disciples and their depression continues to grow as they flee for their lives. Peter betrays Jesus to save his life and the others fled afraid for their lives. They all witness this supernatural leader die on a cross made of wood. This cross had no power over Jesus, the religious people had no power over Jesus, and Pilate had no power over Jesus. How could Jesus let this happen?

Saturday was a day filled with depression and anger and confusion. They wanted to hope that Jesus would still somehow come back but they feared for their lives. If these leaders could kill the Son of God, what chance did they have to live? All day Saturday they reminisced about their life with Jesus and tried their best to pray as Jesus had taught them.

Then Sunday morning some women said that Jesus body wasn’t in the tomb. They were going on about Him being raised from the dead. A spark of hope arose. They checked it out themselves and He surely was not in the tomb. But some were not sure that He had been raised from the dead. This would be the biggest miracle and would certainly help them feel better. As speculation continued Jesus appeared to some of the disciples. As rumors flew He appeared to more and their faith and hope was restored.

Isn’t this how it always goes. We get into a deep dark place and then all of the sudden out of nowhere God comes with a miracle. On this Resurrection weekend we remember about Jesus life, death and resurrection. I would also ask that you remember the times in your life when Jesus has stepped into the scene and taken you from depression to hope and from despair to delight. And if you are in the depression or despair right now know that Jesus will bring the hope and delight. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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