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LUI: Peace and Freedom

aidan swimmingTaking a deep breath I slowly sunk under the water. All the noise of the crowds disappeared even though I was surrounded by people diving, jumping, swimming and playing games. Now I could relax and rest.  My body was limp suspended in the water.  The lifeguards knew me well enough to know I was not a drowning victim but the limp position could have been mistaken for a dead body.

The water was around seven feet deep so I could actually stand straight up suspended only by the water, touching nothing. There was freedom under the water. With minimal movement I would surface, only allowing my mouth out of the water to grab a deep breath and then sink once again to my refuge.  In my youth, nothing else could compare to this feeling of escape and freedom, but as an adult life has changed.

Stressed and frustrated I exited the building. Why had everything changed? I had just gotten a handle on the procedures and was beginning to feel confident about my abilities. Now I had to change again to keep up with the new requirements placed on me. I was angry and needed a release.  “Ok God, you have to help me.” With my ear buds in and MP3 player turned on I tried to find that place where the cares of this world disappeared, just like when I was a kid.

Quietly singing along with the worship music I walked slowly around the parking lot, stopping to look at the creek bed. I saw a turtle under the water and wished I could join it. But the creek was too shallow and I wasn’t prepared to get wet. I envied that turtle and its freedom.  “God help me. I can’t do this on my own.”

I continued my walk, listening to the music and letting God speak to my heart. “You can do this.” I felt a small sense of freedom and release. As I completed my walk I entered back into the building ready to take on the next challenge.

Sometimes the stresses of this life have tried to rob me of my peace and freedom.  As a child I could hide under the water to relax and feel free. As an adult I can no longer just hide from the world under the water.  God has provided a place of refuge and freedom in His arms.

This week, don’t walk—run into the arms of the Savior so that you can feel His peace and freedom. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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